Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


I’m going for it. Trauma McG please.


Guelfi so hot right now


Stress myers and hooker please


The only Gamers who are not locked in and can still make changes for R5 are -
@Nod @Humble_NSW_Fan @efc1robbo @redbull and @DJR


50% on stewart
50% on Bags


I’ll nervous Begs (50%) and Bags (50%) please.


This is not a lock - right?


what does lock mean?


It means you are only doing this for 1 week (Nervous) - and are not locking those 2 players in for 2 weeks (Anxiety) or 3 weeks (Stress).


oh ok. I will do it for just this week. Do you get more back if you lock in for longer?


No changes for mine.


You get a bonus payment at the end of the lock period if your player plays every game in that period. This table shows how much the bonus payments are.


Nervous 50% Begley and 50% Hartley please.


Everyone is locked or has made their decisions, except @DJR

Still no squad named, but rumours of injuries and changes. The VFL team that actually plays will be very interesting. I suspect there might be some high return players on Anzac day.


Fantasia out for Jerrett (at 50% nervous return) is the only change. No Gamers were investors in either.

Every investor got their picks this week except for Barnz, who is still locked in to McKenna.

Based on the selected team the new standings will be as follows.

The first Trauma payments will be paid this week. This will result in lots of movement in the standings - Koala and Barnz are the only Gamers who will not move much. There is a new podium with @Kj_11 @hambo and @dons23 on top with only $6 separating them.

I’ve added a new column on the right in this table. This is the equivalent compounding return rate for each Gamer - i.e. the overall rate your initial $100 is growing each match. To have $1 million by end R23 you need to compound at 46.8% for the whole year. I expect the winner will compound at mid 40s - so that is what you should be aiming for if you want to win.


Boom! Trauma pays off.


Did it? did it really? because im traumatised by what conor did.


Yes. In my consideration of the size of Trauma payments, I also take into account where the Gamer will be if the Trauma lock fails. Trauma has 2 very different outcomes as shown by the 2 posts above.

If a Gamer daisy chains Trauma locks for the whole year they will probably win (as they should as they have taken the most risk). However, if their Trauma players miss just 1 game, probably not.

The big thing about understanding the Trauma option is that its risk v return profile changes a lot depending on how much Blitzcoin you have and where you are on the ladder. It is a better option for those at the bottom than those currently on the podium.


Looking at the Melbourne game, I’ve just realised the squad for that will be named Thursday evening. This means I will have to post return rates for that game on Wednesday evening after the game v Collingwood. Hopefully I can get some decent injury info in the post game wrap and interviews.


Appears I’ve scraped through on a trauma by a half of footy. Good on ya Tippa!!