Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


you lucky ■■■■


i’m back.

conor trauma.


What a debacle … unfortunately my rules require that I pay returns on everyone who went onto the field today. Whether they deserve a ‘P’ is another thing entirely.

With no late changes the standings are as posted a few days ago. All the successful trauma investors from R1 have gone to the top.

I will be posting the Nervous rates and Bonus Payments for R6 v Melbourne in about half an hour. And the game will be open for investment changes. The squad v Melbourne will be announced tomorrow evening which will stop any further changes. So it is a tight window this week and we won’t have much good information.

I suspect many Gamers will want to make some “rage investments” tonight. Just remember once you post that is it. No do-overs.


The game is not open yet, and Conor is still suspended for R6. But no do-overs once the game is open, once you post that is it.


well this week sucks.


Here are Nervous rates for R6 v Melbourne and Bonus payments for new locks starting from R6.


This opens the game for new investments again. Investment changes will stop when squad for R6 is announced tomorrow evening.


as much as i can on clarke for this round please.


Investors with free funds who can still make changes for R6 are @Kj_11 @hambo @dons23 @Nocturnal @samwoods @Slowstu @Koala @Nod @efc1robbo @Humble_NSW_Fan redbull and DJR


continued … also @redbull and @DJR (cos can’t mention more than 10 in a post rule)


I’ll nervous McNiece (50%) and Walla (50%) please


20% on Raz

20% on Stewart

60% on Langford


What’s the latest we can give our trade?


Investments close when the Squad v Melbourne is announced anywhere. Make your own inquiries as to when that will be this week.

I suspect there will be 26 man squad announced at around 6:15pm this evening, but I don’t know for sure. The onus is on investors to post decisions before squads are named. There is nothing to stop you posting trades now. Sure if you wait you might get better info, but there is also risk the club might release selection info that stops investments and prevents you taking advantage of that better info.


Lets stick with the Hookster and Trauma him again


Who the hell knows what is going to happen this week?

Hartley $900
Myers $900
Ambrose $154.68 (whatever is left)


Tippa $1000
Hooker $600
Fantasia $416.68



Trauma Heppell for me good sir.


Stress Hooker and anxiety Zaka please! :slight_smile:


Anxiety the following (equal spilt)




Trauma Zaharakis,