Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


I have a feeling @Kay_Eff_See would be delighted… a whole bunch of different strategies being played out now.

Really good game.


If that is 3 players, can’t do. You can only anxiety 2 players - they need 50% each.


You still have a Stress lock on Parish till after R6. So the most you can do is 1 more lock at 50%, not both of those.


Doh! Ummmm just stress Hooker then please!


Stress Parish please


100% of funds?


Yes please


Argh I thought I posted this already -

Could I go nervous on the following:

50% Parish
50% Laverde


No sorry, squad is already announced. It wouldn’t be fair to all the other Gamers who made their picks b4 squad. You stay with Saad - 100% nervous.


■■■■ - Ambrose!! I thought he was suspended for this. 1000% return - that only @samwoods might get a part of.


Still unlikely… but those odds were too good to pass up.

I considered going all in but didn’t have the balls.

And my other two selections are outs… so more fool me.


I’ve put this through as these 3 players but Nervous, as you can’t do Anxiety on 3.


Still if Ambrose plays you will be in the lead.

Checking my notes, I had that he was available for this game. Just when I was rushing to get the rates out last night I missed it.

I’m very surprised @DJR didn’t go all in on Ambrose, that is type of thing he likes to pick up.


Nooo myers rested. It was always a gamble, in retrospect the odds weren’t equal to the risk. Can’t make mistakes like that at this level


Sorry, anxiety LAV and Langers.


Ok, thanks! Ignore post from 1 min ago.


Squad down to 22 named for Sunday R6 v Melbourne

Ambrose was highest return player selected (my error, @samwoods gain). Tippa and Laverde also rewarded their investors with the next highest returns.


More Gamers were invested in players who missed selection this week. Langford, Clarke, Myers, Hartley and Fantasia all disappointed their investors.


Assuming the named 22 all do actually play in R6 - this will be the updated holdings and rankings.

@samwoods moved into the lead due to his Ambrose investment. @SCarey got a Trauma payment this week and jumps 17 places to be 2nd. @dons23 rounds out the podium.

There are 9 Trauma investments still live so it will be interesting to see where they end up over the coming weeks.


Damnit! I saw the Ambrose and assumed it was a mistake that you would correct. Doh!


If someone had pointed it out to me I would have corrected it.

With the short turnaround I skipped a checking step that I usually do when setting the rates.