Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


Going to roll the dice:

TRAUMA: Parish and McGrath.


This table with the terms and conditions of Trauma is posted every week.


It shows you need all 100% of funds on a player to take up Trauma, and therefore the max number of players you can Trauma is 1, because he will take all your funds.


Imma start some trauma, you don’t want no trauma.

Trauma conor


Also I made a mistake in the calcs for @skip27 last week, R7. I didn’t transfer all his money to McKenna. This is the corrected entry.


Sorry my bad.

Big roll of dice. Trauma Mcgrath.


Thanks Kay Eff See.

Calf injury for McGrath reported on one of the Facebook groups. Wait for confirmation as it could be a stitch up but if true would have an impact in here…oh, and on our season but that’s gone to sh1te anyway.


Madness. McGrath is rumoured out.


Stress Fantasia and mckenna please colonel. Sorry for the edit if you saw it, I meant Conor all along but everyone kept saying McGrath.



I have heard nothing up here of this…?




now you feel like i felt went conor geoffrey dahmer’d a ■■■■.


Previously advised?

Traumacism is alive and well, or I’m just missing something?

Probably the latter


Can’t believe it, Pidge out.


Damn you McGrath!


If the team plays as selected this week the updated holdings and rankings will be -

Everyone got their picks this week except for the 3 Gamers on McGrath - all locked in on the Trauma option (ouch!) :sob:.

Some big changes likely this week. The top 4 Gamers will all receive Trauma payout from a lock started in R4. This was the last Trauma payment before I changed the formula for subsequent weeks.

This table doesn’t include the Win Jackpot for this week. So if EFC wins then nervous rates will be doubled which will move a lot of other Gamers up a bit closer to the leading 4.

On the other side of the Trauma coin Riolio was due to get a Trauma payment this week - but McGrath missed - so he is still near the bottom. Klawdy was in the lead going into R5 when he decided to Trauma McGrath. Now he is 18th with a week to go on his lock.


Well only 2 days previously advised. This week is the when the last and biggest of the initial un-corrected Trauma payments get paid so I wanted to do something to reduce the gap.

Yes it doesn’t appear to help Gamers like you who have taken a Trauma since, but I think when they get their future Trauma payments they will be in a good position.


Potential Rule Change

When I had a few snifters with Gil at AFL HQ last night he told me Panic Dollars isn’t really AFL enough as I am not continually changing the rules.

I am thinking of adding a Best Players Bonus starting from Round 9.

My idea is to pay a bonus to each player named in the Bests each match. All Players/Gamers will be eligible.

The Bonus payment is likely to be the greater of:

  • 1% of the total value all Panic Dollars investments - this week it would be 1% x $39.2k = $392
  • Or 5% of each Gamer’s investment in that player.

The catch will be who are the Bests. At this stage I am thinking of using the EFC website match writeup as the source - although this usually comes from some AFL hack. I will monitor this week to see who the bests are - if they are just naming whoever gets the highest stats then I don’t think it will work.

Gil and I like equalisation and diversity. This bonus would assist Gamers at the bottom more than those at the top. And it is not so big that it would make all Gamers invest in the same players most likely to get in the best players.

Happy to consider any comments about this idea.


Use the coaches votes.


Thanks, I thought about those as well. But they are sometimes slow and hard to find. Ideally I need bests/votes to be easy to find by day after game at the latest - otherwise I can’t post the updated rankings quickly.

Do you know a timely and reliable source for them? Would Blitzers accept Worsfold’s votes as a valid source?

I can use this week as a test to see when and how coaches votes appear as well.


It’d be very fun