Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


Issue with coaches votes are our players are highly unlikely to get any given there are 22 players from the other team.


Don’t think it really matters what you use as long as it is consistent. The variables and/or randomness would all be part & parcel of the game. Be it the team, as well as the source.


I don’t like it KFC… leave the game alone. It was better in the 90s.


What a ■■■■ sandwich that game was. Since there was no win, there is no win jackpot this week.

There were no late changes so the rankings and holdings are as posted on Friday.


The new podium is @heptides @nhanlon and @smooth who all moved up 13 places with a Trauma payment.


I agree - I looked at last 3 weeks coaches’ votes. 4 EFC players named compared to 17 opposition players. Not sure yesterday’s would be any different - Smith probably be the only one. So yes no point using these if it only produces 1 or 2 best players each week, even if they were released quickly after the game.

The EFC site published a match report last night but it doesn’t have the best players. However, AFL site (with match report last night by same jouro) does include bests. I think this is normal - for some reason the AFL journo comes back later in the week and adds injuries and bests to the EFC article.

EFC Bests on AFL site for this week are - Zaharakis, Heppell, Smith, Hooker, Fantasia. I think that is reasonable. I wouldn’t have Heppell in there myself - but he wasn’t in the worst 10 so it isn’t really a clanger.

So confirming Rule Change for next week starting R9

There will be a best players bonus paid on players who get named in the Bests in the Match Report on either the AFL or EFC website.

Eligibility: All players / All Gamers / All selection options.

Bonus paid: The greater of:

  • 1% of the total value all Panic Dollars investments - this week it would be 1% x $39.2k = $392
  • Or 5% of each Gamer’s investment in that player.


Rule Change - Win Jackpot starting R14 after the Bye (R13)

I was disappointed I didn’t get to use my win jackpot algorithm yesterday. So we will do this after they Bye. The Bye/R13 will be after all current Trauma locks mature - so those Gamers will not be disadvantaged. However, any new Trauma locks starting from next week R9 will know they will not get this jackpot.

Win Jackpot will be paid in any match that EFC wins from R14 on. The Win Jackpot will not be paid for a loss or a draw.

Jackpot: 20% of Nervous rate for that player in a winning week. So a player with a 25% Nervous rate will pay at 25% x (100% + 20%) = 30% for that week.

Eligibility: Gamers / players / options using Nervous rates for that week. That is Nervous, Anxiety and Stress Options. Not Eligible - Trauma option.


With all the drama of last few days I forgot to post the full calculations for R8. Here they are:

Click on any pic to open a slideshow where pics are bigger.


Team selection should be interesting this week. Could be a lot of changes, or maybe not. You be the judge.

Here are the Nervous rates for R9 and the Bonus Payments for new locks starting in R9.



May I please stress 50% of my funds each on Green and Clarke.


Gamers who are still able to make changes this round are:
@nhanlon @smooth @Heptides @wimmera1 @Koala @Riolio @theDJR


Why change a winning formula?
Trauma Smith, please.


100% on Clarke


Trauma Hooker please :slight_smile:


100% on Clarke


50% Clarke - Nervous
50% McKernan - Stress


Ridley and Clarke closed to any new investors as club has announced their selection to debut for R9.


Only 35% paid out on debutants. Pretty crap rates of return… KFC has gotten too good at this game. :wink:


50% stress Mutch, 50% stress Mckernan please


Now I only need Clarke to stay fit for 3 games! Surely we wouldn’t drop him after 1 or 2 games. Surely…


Yeah they kept getting closer, and being emergencies, so I kept making them shorter. Blame woosher for taking too long to bring them in for the low rates.