Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


Here are updated Blitzcoin holdings and Rankings after R10 glorious victory over GWS.

These include best player bonuses - best players are highlighted in blue.

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The new podium is @Kj_11 @Nocturnal and @Slowstu who all got a Trauma payment this week.

@Klawdy has 2 more weeks to ponder why a 100% Stress lock isn’t the best option he could have made (and it isn’t because Hurley wasn’t selected).


KFC just murdered klawdy with words


That comment re Guelfi being 20% was only in jest… I hope you didn’t take my joking seriously. I see the pattern in your rates and know who is usually 20%.

It’s your game KFC, and it’s good fun. Keep up the good work.


Hmmm to trauma again or not to trauma again, that is the question.


Here are Nervous Rates and Bonus Payments for new locks starting in R11.



For those interested in what is coming up - here are the Bonus Payments for R12 to R17.


Previously only the payments up to R12 were posted - the revised Trauma rate for R12 in this table is a few thousand less than the payment posted last time (stress and anxiety payments are he same).

Also a reminder that the Win Jackpot is starting in R14

Rule Change - Win Jackpot starting R14 after the Bye (R13)

Win Jackpot will be paid in any match that EFC wins from R14 on. The Win Jackpot will not be paid for a loss or a draw.

Jackpot: 20% of Nervous rate for that player in a winning week. So a player with a 25% Nervous rate will pay at 25% x (100% + 20%) = 30% for that week.

Eligibility: Gamers / players / options using Nervous rates for that week. That is Nervous, Anxiety and Stress Options. Not Eligible - Trauma option.


I wasn’t putting too much thought into it after McGrath screwed my trauma 3 weeks in!


Getting back on the Trauma horse is probably your best option now


Damn, there goes another one of my strategies.

I’m very good at being locked out of Panic Dollar opportunities.

The fact that I care means I am enjoying your game KFC… thanks again!


The only Gamers with free cash this round are @Slowstu @Kj_11 @Nocturnal @Heptides @hambo @TrevorBix @Riolio and @theDJR


Redman 50%
Francis 50%


All available funds on Langford anxiety.


Anxiety Hooker 50%

Nervous Langford 50%


stress 50% langford
anxiety 50% ridley





Trauma Devon Smith plz colonel.


If the team plays as selected these will be the new Blitzcoin holdings and Rankings (excluding best player bonuses).

Another complete change of the podium this week as @samwoods @SCarey and @smooth all move up as the result of bonus payments.


Guess I’m too late :frowning: would have done 100 Zaka.


Essendon: Stringer, Smith, McKernan, Hooker, Merrett

EDIT: Hooker! In a 10 goal loss. I think AFL hack had him confused with TBC.


Here is summary ladder with rankings and holdings after R11 debacle v Richmond. These do include the best player bonuses.

New podium is @samwoods @smooth and @SCarey.

@smooth is interesting, while the 3 Gamers around him all got Trauma payments, he moved from 5th to 2nd after getting Stress and Anxiety payments.