Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


Am I misreading Mutch’s injury status?

Anyway, I’ll put everything on Laverde please Colonel. Just straight up, no lock.


New Blitzcoin holdings and Rankings based on Extended squad - so this will not be final rankings.

@TrevorBix is the only Gamer to miss so far with his Anxiety lock on Ridley, although there are a few Gamers with picks on the extended bench, so they may miss also.

@efc1robbo and @barnz are the big climbers moving up 13 places if McKenna plays. Barnz holdings will increase by 48 times.


Updated Blitzcoin Holdings and Rankings based on Selected 22 (still subject to who actually plays and the best players of course).

Big winner is @samwoods who retains top spot with a Nervous investment in Redman at 50% paying off.

@dons23 and @Riolio join @TrevorBix in missing their selections.

@efc1robbo and @barnz now look like climing 14 places.


Everythings coming up millhouse.


No game today. So I updated the OP (opening post) with latest rule changes and all the bonus payments announced so far.

If you want to find all the rules and bonus payments just press “home” key when in the thread and this will take you to the OP. Press “end” to bring you back to latest post.


Best players from AFL site: Merrett, Stringer, McGrath, Myers, Smith, Saad

Redman very stiff (and samwoods)


Updated Blitzcoin Holdings and Rankings after R12 glorious victory v Brisbane.

These do include best player bonus payments.


suck it ■■■■■■■.



More detailed calculations of every Gamer’s current investments.

Click on any pic to open slideshow.


This Week:
Nothing it’s the Bye.

Next Week:
Not sure - we play on Thursday 21st. So I expect the team will be announced Wednesday. Nervous Rates will be posted Monday or Tuesday next week depending on when injury info is released by the club.

New Director

It’s a quiet weekend without any games so I decided to post some draft Nervous rates for R14 to give Gamers a bit more time to think about this week.

I’m still hoping to get some info released from club on Smith, Colyer and Ambrose etc. before final rates are posted and game is opened for new changes, which might happen Monday.


Reminder: Win Jackpot starts this round …
Win Jackpot (starts R14, first match after the Bye)

Win Jackpot will be paid in any match that EFC wins from R14 on. The Win Jackpot will not be paid for a loss or a draw.

Jackpot: 20% of Nervous rate for that player in a winning week. So a player with a 25% Nervous rate will pay at 25% x (100% + 20%) = 30% for that week.

Eligible: Gamers / players / options using Nervous rates for that week. That is Nervous, Anxiety and Stress Options.
Not Eligible: Trauma option.


Well no news from Club. However, I’m busy most of tomorrow so I will not be able to update the rates further.

So let’s go with the rates above. Game is now open for new investment decisions.

Make your own inquiries about when team will be announced. Obviously any prior club or media info about who is on the plane will stop new investments.


Why mess with form, Trauma Hooker


Trauma Hep.


I am pretty sure I am out until next week, correct KFC?


Can I trauma McKenna again or does it have to be someone else?


Well @Kay_Eff_See I’d love to keep playing the week by week game as I think it has the better value now… but I’m off on holidays without a lot of internet access for the next 8 weeks (humble brag). As such, I reckon a long term option is the best for me.

Never-the-less, let’s live a little on the wild side, and just because nobody else is currently panicking about him.

Trauma Stringer.

I know it isn’t the way things are normally done. But when Stringer comes off Trauma… if I haven’t posted in this thread any change… could you kindly re-trauma him for me. If not, I understand. Thanks mate.


50% Smith Stress
50% Langford Stress


Trauma conor


Trauma Saad


No partly locked, you have $4907.06 on Ridley that can be changed this week.