Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


OK, so no changes. Here are indicative updated standings and holdings based on selected team. Again these don’t include best player bonuses and win jackpot.

@wimmera1 and @Koala are the biggest climbers, both moving up 16 places to be 1st and 2nd.

@Riolio is the only Gamer to miss his selection getting named in the squad.


The best players from AFL site are:
Essendon: Saad, Smith, Heppell, Hooker, Merrett, Hurley, Goddard

Bellchambers very stiff I think.

The updated holdings and standings are below. These do include the Win Jackpot and the Best Players bonus.


Here are the detailed calculations of your Blitzcoin holdings after R14 glorious victory v West Coast.

The Win Jackpot is shown in the Game Rate % column. For example SCarey stressed Guelfi at Nervous rate of 30%. But he is paid here at 36% (which is 120% x 30%).

Best Players are highlighted in Blue.

Click on any pic to open slideshow.


The podium hotseats are now held by @wimmera1 @Koala and @SCarey

SCarey also has 2 more weeks to ponder why a 100% Stress lock was not his best option.

It will be a stressful week for @hambo with his 3 week lock on Redman.

This Week
Rates posted after Tuesday injury report as usual. Expect extended squad named Thursday night for Sunday game v Sideshow Ben and the Northlings.


Dang 8 weeks


Here are Nervous Rates and Bonus Payments for R15 v North.


Game is open for new investments.


If I am smart enough to work out what you mean, which may not be the case.


Could i please stress Hooker and Goddard? :slight_smile:


Let ‘er ride.
Trauma Smith again.


Trauma Langford


all my cash on LONG please.


All on Ambrose please - just Nervous


Sorry I’ve been away for a few days. But everything seems to have gone OK.

Here are updated standings based on Extended team. So far only @TrevorBix and @Riolio have missed with their selections.


No Gamers had selected Stewart, Francis, Mutch or Green - so there are no changes to the Standings table above based on selected team of 22.


I believe the Win Jackpot is applicable to non-trauma investors.

Also best players are …
Essendon: Merrett, Heppell, Fantasia, McKernan, Langford, Saad, Myers, Hurley


Here are the updated Blitzcoin holdings and Rankings after R15 glorious victory v North.

These do include the Win Jackpot and Best Player bonus payments.

There is a change in the leaders. @SCarey now leads from @Koala and @wimmera1


Here are full calculations for R15 glorious victory v North Melbourne

Click on any pic to open slideshow.


This week
Sunday game v Collingwood. Nervous Rates will be posted after injury report on Tuesday and Game will be opened for new investments.


Here are Nervous Rates and Bonus Payments for locks starting R16 v Collingwood on Sunday.


I expect extended squad will be announced Thursday evening.


It will be quiet on the trading floor this week - the only Gamers not already locked in are …
@dons23 @TrevorBix @Riolio and @theDJR


Francis, all in


Ditto. Francis everything I have. Anxiety.