Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


I don’t play this game but I note that you normally expect the injury report on tuesday. Article on the club site today about injuries indicated that Crow’s update this week will be on Wednesday


No official Crow injury report. But I will post updated rates anyway.


Game is now open for new investment decisions.

**Edit Wednesday 16:45: EFC Injury Report is now up. Since nobody has made any decisions yet I am changing Laverde’s price to 50%, and Fantasia to 40%.

This seems a better option than pulling them altogether, I will update the table above this evening when I have access to that PC.


The Rates table has been updated now with changes for Fantasia and Laverde.

The only Gamers not locked in for this week are …
@Kj_11 @SCarey @benny @skip27 @hambo @dons23 @Riolio and @theDJR


If Langford gets dropped I am doing a WOB to this game…


Stress Bags and Guelfi please


Stress Saad and Brown please.


50% Stress - McKernan
50% Stress - Saad


KFC - presumably the new reduced bonuses will only apply to new investments? I have a trauma maturing in Round 18, is this affected?


See previous comment below


Trauma Hooker for me plz. Thanks.


Thanks. Sorry missed that.


Can I put a double anxiety on Parish please Colonel?

For tha abundance of clarity, that request is for 2 x 50% of my funds for separate investments on the same player.


Here are potential Rankings and Blitzcoin holdings based on selected team.

@smooth @Nocturnal and @Nod are all in line to get a Trauma payment and move into the podium hotseats.

@TrevorBix and @Riolio missed again with Francis. And @samwoods missed his Trauma with Stringer.


Thanks Colonel, but am I reading that table wrong, or should I actually ahead of Wim and Hambo?


Yes, you are right. The numbers are right - you are 10th. The sort appears to have not worked properly. I’ll fix it when I update it for the game / best players.


Please tell me a 1500% return on investment is the biggest for the season and that I win something?


Cool your jets grasshopper. These are provisional results depending on who actually plays in a future game and do not include best player bonuses and potential win jackpot.

Also @Humble_NSW_Fan is likely to get a bigger growth next week R18.


I’m looking for small wins. Have had a shocking game thus far!


Well be happy with this. Look at the yellow shaded group on the right - you might be part of this group if Langford plays R17. This is the group that are on track to get to 1 million by end R23, and be in a position to win the game.

Obviously Gamers currently outside the yellow group are not excluded and could still move up enough to get back on track to potentially win, although not if they keep missing selections.


It’s going to be a big payday.