Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny




thanks ya pommy twat for ruining my good thing.


I think it was more nocturnal copying both of us that caused the injury


Here are potential Rankings based on selected team.

A few more Gamers missed this week - due to McKenna, Francis and Stringer missing. Although Fantasia may be another late out.

@Nod moves into first place with Nervous investments on Raz and Zak - so it isn’t all about locks. @Heptides and @Slowstu , both getting trauma payments, make up the podium.

@Humble_NSW_Fan is likely to get a big lift with his blitzcoin funds increasing by over 30 times.

@Barnz and @efc1robbo were on track to move up to about 4th position this week, but McKenna again failed to get the crucial 5th game in a row.


don’t @ me bro.


Just got burnt hard by McKenna!


Yes, and given you have him locked in for another 4 weeks I think you will find it hard to get back.


I hope your happy with yourself Barnz!


I’ve done it all ■■■■■■■ season you bandwagon hoe.


Yeah got burned by no mention in the injury report of Connors groin.


I didn’t update in time, does that mean I’m nervous about hooker?
Edit no wait I think I have a week to go still, I’ll get back in my box


Yes - your trauma finishes this week, R18. The Bonus Payment should move you into 3rd place.


I’m every chance of getting burnt by saad today. Maturing trauma with a major injury cloud.


Essendon: Smith, Zaharakis, Fantasia, Heppell, Merrett, Hurley


Here are the final Rankings and Blitzcoin holdings after R18 glorious victory v Fremantle.

@Nod has skipped away to a big lead with only a Nervous investment. @Koala and @Heptides make up the rest of the podium.


■■■■ this game, ■■■■ this team, ■■■■ the medical staff.


Look at me go!


Full calculations after R18.

Click on any pic to open slideshow.


Injury report and selection should be very interesting this week.

Next game is Friday night v the Swans.

For the lid-onners R19-R23 is last opportunity to Trauma that doesn’t go into the finals.


If @samwoods is around, or if anyone knows how to contact him, his Trauma on Stringer matured R18. He left instructions that he was going OS and probs offline for 8 weeks and to re-Trauma Stringer if he is not able to log on and give updated instructions.

This week is his last opportunity to change that instruction.


Thanks mate… trauma Zerrett instead please.

Much appreciated.