Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


Carlisle! :laughing:




Here are final Rankings and Blitzcoin Holdings after R21 glorious victory v St.Kilda.

These now include Win Jackpot and Best Players Bonuses.



I have only one game to go before I get my sweet sweet stringer money don’t I?


No, your Stringer Trauma does not end till after R23.


Damn I mis calculated. So to get my coin I need us to play finals?


No if Stringer plays R23 then you get paid the Trauma bonus immediately if/after he plays that round.


Langford not being named in the bests is clearly a conspiracy against me, personally.




‘youre a gloomer’ they say ‘you enjoy losses’ they say. YEAH WELL I TRAUMA’D CONOR PENDING A FINALS WIN MOTHER ■■■■■■■.

May not be true


Here are the full calculations for R21 glorious victory v St.Kilda.


@Nod has moved out to a handy lead,
But it may not be enough as @skip27 has 2 stress bonuses that may give around $200k next round.
@Kj_11 makes up the podium.

@wimmera1 in 5th may also get a jump this round with 2 stress bonuses.

Of the Trauma investors chasing a big R23 payout - the highest placed are @Koala and @heptides @Klawdy and @dons23 who are still in the hunt given the 100% Trauma payout for R23 is over $600,000.

@smooth and @redbull have R22 Traumas due this week - so they could also jump back into contention with approx $400,000 payouts.

This isn’t over, lots of Gamers still in with a chance.


Here are the Nervous Rates and Bonus Payments for new locks starting R22.




Myers deserves some love. I’ll anxious him 50% and Bags 50% please.


The leader has made his call. The only other Gamers who can still make changes for R22 are …
@Kj_11 @benny @SCarey @Riolio and @theDJR


Full trauma The Guelf please.


Anxiety 50% McNiece & 50% Colyer


Anxiety 50% Francis
Anxiety 50% Colyer


Farking brilliant! Season over.

Obvious outs stay in, this injury out of nowhere.

Sombody bring out the green screen & a shotgun for McNiece.


Here are potential new rankings after Team Selection for R22. Obviously late changes, best players and win jackpot still to come.

There is likely to be a bit of change on the podium this week. The big loser is @Kj_11 who was 3rd, but is likely to fall to 8th after McNiece not selected.

@skip27 and @wimmera1 are likely to move into 1st and 2nd positions ahead of former leader @Nod

In other news Guelfi’s return means that @SCarey 's Trauma into the finals is alive, only 4 matches to go.


disappointed dons23 didn’t try to get their lock in at 6.23 this week.