Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


Nope - how much you lose in penalty costs depends on how much you have. It would take many bad picks over many weeks to lose everything. Which is why it is an investment not a bet. You don’t lose all your super just because the fund manager may have a bad week.

Penalty Costs


Unless someone is just in this thread for the stalking :grin:


Righto, I’ll go:

  • $50 on Gleeson
  • $50 on Zaka

Thanks KFC


Squad named - bells ringing. No more investments.


draper the pick by the looks.


I was serious about the $100 on BJ sorry for the vague post




So just to confirm - players have to play to get a payout? More relevant during the season proper but a late withdrawal means no payoff?


Squad of 30 named - here is how it looks. But remember only 26 will play, so 4 will come out.

McKernan was the big get for 5 Gamers, with Jerret and Draper also available at the same price. Leuenberger next best that Gamers actually got.

There were only 5 picks from the players that missed selection - so you did well there. Hooker was biggest heartbreaker.

Squad 1a JLT1 - missed

Clubhouse leader: @Riolio followed by @Nod and @Heptides
But remember final scoring is based only on who actually plays.


No Play, No Pay
Late In, Kaching$$$
(for whatever reason)


$50 on brown and $50 on zaka please.


Sorry, investments closed for this week when the squad was announced - 4pm Melbourne time.

But you still won’t be last this week, because some Gamers will go backwards whereas you will still have your $100.


Well that was a bit grim.

Here are Panic Dollars standings after JLT1. The good news is that no matter how badly your player(s) went in Wangaratta you still get paid a return on your investment.

Click on the tables to make them bigger.

The new value of your investment and your new Ranking is shown in the green section on the right of the table.

An example of how to read the table.

  • Look at Hambo’s scores at the very top. He invested $25 in Gleeson, who had a return rate of 40%. Gleeson played ( P), so his return is $25x40% = $10. Hambo’s investment in Gleeson is now worth $35 (as shown in column 3rd from the right).

  • Hambo also invested in $25 in Hooker. But Hooker did not play (- instead of P) so he loses $100x1% = $1. Hambo’s investment in Hooker is now worth only $24.

The leader is @riolio after his decision to go all in on Smack. Riolio spent most of last year at the other end of the table, so this is a nice turnaround for him. @Nod and @Heptides complete the podium - both are new Gamers this year, again suggesting that sometimes it helps not to understand too much about this game.

19 different players were picked (42% of squad) which is a good spread. Hooker, Guelfi and Raz were the only selected players who did not play.

The average investment return across all Gamers was 38.2% which is just above the average return for the whole home and away season last year (37%). Although last year’s JLT1 was more lucrative for gamers with a 52% return.

There will not be much action this week, JLT2 is 2 weeks away. I will probably post draft rates next weekend to give you some idea of what they will look like before the official rates are posted on Tuesday, and investments reopened.

For those who are new, you can just cash in your current players and get as many replacements as you want. There are no transaction costs. You can spend the total value of your new investments for the next match (not just the $100 you had last week).

Using this week as a guide, investments will close when the squad is announced 4pm Melbourne time on Thursday March 8, but make your own checks.


Can I retire?


Me too. How the f does Guelfi not play?


Are we sure all those guys played?

  • this is a poor attempt at a joke and not to be taken seriously.


No, but you can choose to do nothing and let your investment in Smack run on by itself for the rest of the year.


Yes I was surprised as well, that is why he was only 35%. Although the emergencies posted on the club’s video turned out to be correct.


I guess with only two pre season games now and clubs playing stronger sides as a result, you can understand. I still thought though there would a spot for Guelfi as the most impressive first year player from all reports so far-a head scratcher.


Here are the draft rates for JLT2 next weekend.

The rates are in the yellow column. The table also shows the rates for previous game, and the changes in between. This may be of interest, but you can ignore these columns if you wish.

These are guide only, and may change. Final rates will be posted on Tuesday, when the game will reopen for new investments.

This week is the last week of weekly only investments (nervous investments). You can start locking players in for longer than 1 week from Round 1. So I will be announcing the bonus rates for locked in players in the week after JLT2.