Panic Dollars Game 2018 Results: Blitzcoin millionaire Skip27 wins from Nod and Benny


50% Gleeson
50% McKernan


50%on Stewart
50%on green


50% zaka, 50% TBC please


50% McKernan 50% Stewart please


@Kay_Eff_See Are we believing Myers when he tells media he’s playing this week? Bets still taken on him?


Thanks for pointing this out. As always you take an amazing amount of interest in this game for someone who play.

However, Myers is already 35% which means I have him playing - so whatever he said isn’t much of a difference to where he was already. I doubt there will be a rush of interest for Myers even at that rate this week. Looking at the investments made already Gamers are after for a bit more value than that.


100% Stewart plz.


No changes for me, thanks.


100% Gleeson thanks


Gamers yet to update their investments for JLT2: @dons23 @Nocturnal @benny @TrevorBix @theDJR


50% on Jimmy Stewart and 50% on Gleeson please.



50% Gleeson
50% McKenna


Squad of 30 is named, no more investments.

Here are updated standings assuming all 30 play (which they won’t). But it will give you some idea of where you might be after Sunday.

Click on table to make it bigger and easier to read.


Happy to be middle of the pack at this point.
Were the odds a lot friendlier in the pre-season last year?
Or did I just not start 'til round 5?
Cos it felt like the big advances came early.


Can I put my entire self managed super fund on Raz kthxbai


Hot damn.

Any chance of just ending the season now?


Yes, you are correct. Rates are lower this year for JLT series. You actually started in R1 last year and by then the leader had $888 to your initial $100. The leader’s funds after each of the 3 JLT games was $242, $518 and $888.


I think that is a question for a professional financial and tax adviser and someone who speaks sms autocorrect


Last week you just wanted to stop yourself. This week you want to stop the whole game. Are you feeling the pressure of being in a winning position? Perhaps lots of double faults coming Jana?


Big choke coming up