Part 2 of Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast Mid Season Review

Here is Part 2 of the Lunchtime Catch Up Mid Season. Hope you like. Let us know your thoughts.


its even longer!

Not sure how that happened!!! Reviewing 45 players takes a long time


Thanks for the episodes, helped give me a footy fix without the Bombers playing last weekend.
I agreed with most of the ratings in the second episode.
Agree that the VFL replacements have done well when elevated to senior level - Ridley, Redman, Dea, etc Im still hoping Long and Clarke get some more opportunities.

Is this where the ‘against strings to your bow development’ club sign up yet?

Cheers for listening everyone

Thanks again you two for a v comprehensive review of both players and coaches. I whole-heartedly endorse your view on Dyson H – not a great start (but who at Essendon did start well in 2018?) but has taken his game to a new level. Truly starting to find his feet as as captain and club leader.

I like idea of the mid-season review as well – I just hope that it didn’t take too long to put together

Well done Scott and Grant - very difficult job trying to rate each player. I don’t think Joe D should have been rated because he was playing injured before finally being given time off to recover.
I like that you defended Myers and BJ - I agree.
Really enjoy your podcast - Love the passion and honesty of the discussion.

But just one thing… Please, please Grant don’t call Zerk-Thatcher ‘maggie’… It conjures up horrible images!

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Good listen. I was a bit confused when you were talking about Laverde not playing as a forward though.

Yeh I must admit I disagree with Grant on that but let him have his say. My view is he is playing forward but it’s not working so far

I reckon we’re both right, imo hes a good marking tall but we want him to play small so its not quite working.