Pass mark for 2024 season

Now that trade period is over and we have had some pretty good pick ups. What are there expectations for next year?

Is Scott under pressure if we don’t make finals?


Top 8 with a positive % and a mostly consistent and recognisable game plan that the team can implement.


No expectations next year, I guess.


Haha thanks for picking that up :sweat_smile:

For me, the pressure has gone up on Scott and also the club. You don’t make the sort of FA moves that we did and bring in 3 players 25 or over, one being 35/36 years old, if you’re on a rebuild path. If we’d asset stripped the list, traded out Shiel and/or Stringer, let Parish and Redman leave via FA and clearly pressed the reset button, different story. For me finals is a bare minimum expectation, plus the sign of a more robust game style that will stand up to the heat of finals footy, because they way we played last year was anything but…


Be a good team that plays the occasional bad game, rather than what we are now, a bad team that play the occasional good game.


Finals win.

Nothing less.


I’m still not sure whether we are going to go forwards or backwards this year.

So I’ll set an easy pass mark for now (8 wins).

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Beat 3 or more genuine top 8 sides.


12 or more wins

I think we’re around the 8 to 13 range on the ladder. Goal will be to get the percentage above 100.

This is probably the best list we’ve had since 2018. We will finally have depth outside the best 23 and will have actual AFL listed midfielders playing midfield in the VFL each week

The key issue remains that we lack the depth within the best 22. We don’t have enough top level talent to compete with the top sides.

I still worry that our strategy just wants us to remain competitive for finals, which keeps us mid table. So we end up missing out on that elite talent via the draft.


Got to be a finals win

Just looked this up…quite shocking to me…premiership odds (don’t gamble anyone):

  • COLL = 5.5
  • BRIS = 7
  • MELB = 8
  • SYD = 9
  • GWS = 9
  • CARL = 9
  • PORT = 13
  • GEEL = 15
  • ADEL = 15
  • WB = 21
  • GC = 34
  • STK = 34
  • FREM = 41
  • ESS = 51
  • RICH = 51
  • HAW = 81
  • WC = 251
  • NM = 251

We are equal 14-15th…this time last year, we were about equal 11th with STK…we are a chance for Pick 4! Yay!

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This. I like our pickups this off season so far, but you can’t grab four players like we did and not win some games of footy. A repeat of 2018 would be unacceptable.

Our finish to the year suggests we are the same old Essendon, so I can’t blame them for having us that low.

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I don’t think Brad Scott will come under pressure for another 4 years regardless of performance.

This club, these players, are a basketcase. There had to come a time when the coach was no longer the scapegoat. We are at that time. They will back Brad Scott in, no questions asked, for 5 years at least in my opinion.

My expectations: All depends on injuries in my opinion. If we get a relatively injury free run I think we can be top 4. With a normal Essendon injury run, we may be bottom 4.


9th-14th with 9-12 wins.

We’ve added some talent in the mid range but we still don’t have the star power of the better teams.

Schedule will be more difficult and there won’t be 3 free wins against North and WC next year. Both will improve.

Geelong, Richmond and Freo to bounce back with softer draws, Gold Coast to take a step forward with Hardwick.

Melbourne might have some cultural issues this year but aside from st kilda the rest of the top eight look considerably better than us.


Pass mark? More wins than losses, a positive percentage, generally consistent effort and a clear game plan. Will we get it? No.

And a finals win? Yeah fkn right.


Can’t see us making top 4. We will have a harder draw next year, and the top 8, minus Melbourne arguably improved their lists this off-season

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A. Finals Win