Paul Chapman is now a dad

Hey guys

Just letting you know Paul’s girlfriend had her baby today

They named it Miles

Well done to both he and his partner.


Miles. Is it already 3 feet tall?

Now we just need to nurse him to 100 games.

Chappy nappies!

The Shining One

More hair than him yet?

i read the title as 'Paul Chapman is now dead.'

no wonder he looks so stuffed in the image competition thread.

Observation 1 that is a mightily mature kid, not that I'm surprised

Observation 2 she looks weeeeird down there 

Waiting for the new Facebook page "Baby Chappy with Hair"

Chappy’s now a father but when he starts carving the opposition up this year watch their supporters get it wrong and refer to him as a mother.

I read the tile as : Paul Chapman is a dud

I read the title as: Paul Chapman is now a purple monkey dishwasher

Hmmm, sleepless nights, stress, new obligations, responsibilites & distractions....


Maybe thats why Geelong offered him a miserly contract to try & move him on?  :)


Go easy on Daddy young Miles ... we need him in top form mate.


And here I was thinking that no one farks with Chappy!

Hope nanna knits bub an black and red jumper…

Congrats Chap.