Paul Connors' Kellypalooza 2017

Whatever it takes. Get it done.


That slogan worked well for us in the past


I’m glad we have a thread for this now.


We couldn’t even get O’Meara with both his knees shot to ■■■■ to want to come here.

We are no chance.


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Moment in the sun.

Can’t see how it would be possible.


Money, fans and more than 10k at home games…wont get that at the hole he’s at

This lad is Victorian too I think?

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Really good mates with Zerrett also, both played TAC Cup together.

Wears boots that fit aesthetically with his strip.



Anyone can play good when they are on their own most of the game.

We’d have to give Zerrett. I’d love to get him but no.

Captained McGrath

magnificent legs.

What player and picks would it take?

Got to at least have a crack. At only 22, we can get a min 8-9 year player. His disposal efficiency is really impressive.

Highly unlikely with the success he’s guaranteed to have if he stays, but chuck a huge offer out there and see what happens. We need to become an aggressive club over the off-season. If he says no, then go for Martin.

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Yet Melbourne think they made out like bandits trading pick 2 (which turned into Kelly) for Dom Tyson & pick 9 (which became Salem). That in itself is lol worthy IMO


should try test the waters with a decent offer. Offering GWS Zaka, a first rounder and a future second rounder would at least send out a message that we are actively seeking to address our slow and weak midfield. Some tough calls need to be made at the end of the season in regards to our elderly midfielders, we must either trade for top picks (draft mids) or aggressively recruit midfield free agents in the off season.

I like your point but Zaharakis is a free agent

Its very similar to the debate on here - is 2 good to very good players more value than 1 star? Tyson & Salem have both been good players, both can still improve particularly Salem so Melbourne got a good return but ultimately would they be better with 1 player, Kelly, who is better than both?

If we had the option of trading our 1st pick this & next year for Kelly its the same risk. Is it likely we would even get better than Tyson & Salem from our next 2 1st round picks???