Paul 'Poppy' Puopolo is Lindsey Thomas' successor as the weakest and worst player in the league


Ha you flog, could of won it for your side but fluffed 2 chances


Seeing him fark it up so majorly in the last minute of his 200th currently ranks as the most enjoyable non EFC moment of 2017,


Ha ha,:laughing: … Fark you Thomas, . and the horse you rode in on.


I love it.


So he cost them the game? HAHAHA.


Hang on is that little buttery dude dancing around with flora in the tv commercial Zaharakis?


Full game
6 possessions
3 effective
0 scoring shots


I saw him waving his hands, making ugly facial expressions and being demonstrative. Don’t they record those stats?


He’s just trying to get the steps up on his Fitbit




Only if its Hodgey.

And the stats are classed as “Acts of Courageous bravery”


Purely based on the title this thread should be pinned at the top.
I kept thinking as i watched the tip rat run through a 200 gane banner. Wow, that sums up why north have been so ■■■■ for the few years, he is actually a leader for their club for games and goals. Hahaha


What’s the bet this ■■■■■■■ toe rag kicks at least 3 when we play them in a few months.


A lot of ordinary players kick goals against us sadly, and there is a reason why.


Because they also kick goals against other teams?


Because we are not very good!


Speaking of Norf, glad Daniel Wells played today.




Just ducked out for awhile


Lol did the ■■■■ seriously get dropped