Paul 'Poppy' Puopolo is Lindsey Thomas' successor as the weakest and worst player in the league


Any stats nerds here?
Want to know how many non-coaches get through a run of 10 straight losses without copping the ■■■■.

Excepting first years - Hardwick had a big run at Richmond, Woosha last year, Guy mckenna in his first and second years.


It’s North Melbourne. No one cares or gives a damn.


Kevin Sheedy in 2006.


Good call.


So how long Thomas goes the way of the Petrie?


Lindsay Thomas - Omitted

Why now? WHy not in 2011?


My Dad does. It reduces the number of players he wants killed by one. Still Poppy around though.


Mods plz change thread title to ‘Lindsay Thomas is the weakest and worst player not in the league’


This thread gets bumped and soon after Thomas is dropped. Coincidence?


They had to counterbalance the Blitz attack on Mayne getting him bumped up from the VFL.


As if another club would pick up the front running, cheating squib.


l think not. Poetic justice.


Anyone see his cheap shot over the weekend (vfl)?


We don’t get the VFL over here. And I don’t generally watch his work when he’s in the seniors either to be honest.


Should get 6 weeks. Pretty low act.



Wow. What a weak act.


Big love for Timmy’s comment. “North Melbourne have been pretty good without him in their last couple of victories”…

Love your work, Timmy.


That’s no good.


LINDSAY Thomas has been rubbed out for five weeks for a crude bump which hospitalised Melbourne rookie Corey Maynard in the VFL on Sunday.