Paul 'Poppy' Puopolo is Lindsey Thomas' successor as the weakest and worst player in the league






Only got 3. The 5 takes into account byes. Bullshit. Should have got 6.


I thought this was the dog thread. My bad.


That is a ■■■■■■■ weak dog bump. Knew exactly what he was doing. Should have got 10.


Should have got 12 weeks for breaking Gary Rohan’s leg - instead they make a stupid unworkable rule that confuses everybody and makes each relevant free kick a toss up…too high, or taking the legs.

Should have got weeks for the hit on Ben Reid too. Still can’t work out how he got off that one. Jumped past the ball and into a guy’s head, causing lots of blood and concussion.


Is he trying to look like Charlie Chaplin? seems like it.


A rare photo of Lindsay Thomas undergoing special one on one off site training with an expert.
Five weeks of this will allow him to put his heart and soul into it.


Got off very lightly.

Normally when a ■■■■■■■ dog hurts a human they put it down.

Gutless, sniping, dog ■■■■.


Seriously guys, no way near as bad as you’re all making it out to be. when’s the last time an Essendon player hit someone with that sort of intent, even half of it?


errm ambrose

proper ■■■■


Pls explain the last 2 posts, … I can’t make sense of either.

What are you guys actually saying? Am I missing a joke?


Ambrose tackles, Thomas is a sniper but if you want to see it done properly:


What I was saying was…

The hit wasn’t the worst I’ve seen in AFL, or in local footy. Probably Hodge Pushing someone into a goal post was one of the lower acts I’ve seen recently on TV, not mentioning anything from the 80s.

And I wished our players had a bit more intent to hurt the opposition when they get a chance to make body contact. nothing stupid, just ‘make them earn it’.



Well, yeah there’s been worse, and there’s certainly been plenty of flying elbows over the journey,… there was one equal to that from,… was it Toby Green??, or another GCS or GWS player just in the last few weeks, … but the outrage factor goes up by a diving, arm lifting, free seeking, prikk factor of X 5 here …

And then double that,… because it was fkn Thomas, . just Coz! … :wink:

As for our lad’s, I’m sure we’d all like to see more of them tackle with an Ambrose type intent when they get the chance, … but it’s not a hunt the man type of game these days, and the penalty for getting it wrong, even if it’s unintentional, is so random, severe and seemingly arbitrary, I think they just won’t risk a shirt front etc now, . at least in the main, & just steer clear.

Which of course is the AFL’s intent with the confusion over it, … and let’s not get started on when a tackle is a sling tackle or not,… and what gets you weeks and what doesn’t.

I start to wonder if they aren’t actually instructed away from the hard hit / ferocious tackle by coaches now??

Also had pause to wonder about the Ambo tackle where he uses Hill as a grader blade, … what would have happened there, if Hill had hit his head in the shunt onto the turf, and been knocked out cold, … would Paddy have got weeks??

Would it suddenly have become “Unduly rough play”??


Can we pick up this bloke.
Sack him the next day, just to prove a point.


If he wasn’t a soft ■■■■ he would’ve lined that bloke up right down the middle, body on body, smacked him into next week and wouldn’t have even been a free kick.

He avoided the body contact and put his elbow into the head. Soft and weak. Should be career ending, thankfully.


Pretty sure Hill missed at least one week following that tackle due to concussion


I was putting forward amBRUISE as exhibit A


That was the most dangerous thing I’ve seen on a footy field. It could have easily killed Winguard. That it was down-played despite it being pretty much intentional, is indicative on this administration’s integrity.

And listen to the farkers commentate it.