Paul 'Poppy' Puopolo is Lindsey Thomas' successor as the weakest and worst player in the league


Commentators are so full of shitt. He 100% did it on purpose and could easily have put that poor prikk in a wheel chair for life, if not killed him.

Should have been gone for the season. Did he even get a week for being so weak?

Someone should make a gif of the last shot where it clearly shows the head snapping around the post and the neck bending, with the word "COURAGEOUS!! flashing throughout, and post it all over Hawthorn forums big footy etc.

Hopefully it would go viral, … so it’s never forgotten what a dog Hodge really is.


Never seen this before. Very nasty.


How could you not have?

Blitz went nuts, social media went nuts, the media went nuts.


Only social media I have is Blitz, don’t know which thread it was in, perhaps this happened when I was in hospital as I am surprised I missed it too.


He got 2 weeks for it.
Not long after, he stood up, ran at a player and knocked him down with an elbow to the face.
I think he got 2 for that also.
Because it was courageous.


After the whistle too.

Back in time for finals, cause Gil has a million in tickets to sell. Looking back at it, shocking act, shocking (not) with the reaction from the commentators. Do they just think that every dirty act on the field is unintentional?


It’s a farkin joke, is what it is. It’s not hard to see whether something is unintentional, careless, or intentional. The MRP is a mockery of shambolic interpreted ‘rules’.




Like this?

See how that’s nice and legal and he’s not sniping someone with their head over the ball?

Or this?

There’s nothing inspiring about how Thomas does it.


Love them both.

A bit surprised Walla didn’t ‘go’ for that, didn’t really look like he was playing the ball (assume it was a marking contest)

Hurley one was good, threw him to the turf, but let him get his arms free enough to protect himself. Looks like Danger milked it a little with the slump in the gutter


He didn’t get there late though, and it was a body hit.

Dangerfield was just about to complete the mark, but hadn’t quite.


After looking at that first one a few times, danger has a fair twitch afterwards…


Looking at Hurls one, I reckon he’s a bit lucky he didn’t get whacked. Not only is there a bit of a sling, and into the fence,… but he can clearly see & knows they are both out of bounds when he does the “Hurling” to the ground.

Try reversing the jumpers in that gif, and think of what we’d be saying.


Arms aren’t pinned and Hurley let go before Danger hit ground; giving him a chance to brace.

Seems like the complete opposite of the rule’s intention.


While that could be right, Danger tried to take him on and attempted to brush his hand away and push him off. If Hurley was a smaller player it would have been effective.

The tackle begin in play and Danger being forced more to the boundary in a split second lead to the throw out of bounds. It was a big play that set up the rest of the quarter.

Essendon def Geelong 110-93 Review Thread

Ball’s in play.


and watch DANGER throw himself into the fence at the end. Legit looks like he did it on purpose.


yes he did


Yeah, just added the extra roll to make it to the fence imo then gets up looking at the maggot expecting the free.

Danger pls


you’d think someone with fractured ribs wouldn’t be such a ■■■■■■■.