Paul 'Poppy' Puopolo is Lindsey Thomas' successor as the weakest and worst player in the league


Hurley and Dangerfeild don’t deserve to be mentioned in this ■■■■■ thread.




Yes, but he has him over the boundary before he throws him down, & he’s clearly aware of that.

I’m just saying, it could easily been seen as unnecessary at that point, and he could equally as easily have been done for “Unduly rough play”.

In fact I thought there was a fair bit of venom in what he did, (not that I mind), and was surprised at the comment that they were “mates”. Sure didn’t seem like they were from that.


I thought the same at the time - for sure those ■■■■■■ at mrp would lay some bullshit charge. Glad I was wrong.


In all sorts again after incident with Rhys Palmer. Just back after a 4 week suspension, probably looking at another 3 IMO. Couldn’t happen to a more apt player.


This thread is totes racism.


How so?


This is what’s stupid.

He had intent, but didn’t hurt the bloke.

Same as Franklin?


But ones a bums on seats player. Got to keep the crowd rolling in above all!


AFL Victoria’s Match Review Panel charged player Thomas for striking Northern Blues player Rhys Palmer during the second quarter of the VFL Round 9 match, Northern Blues vs Werribee Tigers on Saturday 17th June, 2017 at IKON Park.

Based on the available video and medical report, the incident was assessed as careless conduct with low impact and high contact. The incident was classified as a one match base sanction. Due to player Thomas having a bad record, the base sanction has been upgraded by one match, therefore being offered a two match base sanction, with the option of accepting an early guilty plea of a one match sanction.

AFL Victoria will advise on the outcomes of the above charges once known.


North are rebuilding. Maybe they can send him down back to see if he can revive his career. It seems to be flavour of the month to do this.


Honestly I thought the Franklin hit was worse, and before you say I am biased. Let me state yes I hate Sydney with a passion, but Thomas is that next level hatred because his actions changed the game and brought in one of the dumbest rules I have seen and changed the way players attack the ball.



So, 1 week for the offence. Add a week because you have a bad record. Then take a week off that if you accept it? MRP is a farking joke.


Really this toe rag ■■■■ finishes his career as a wooden spooner.


A delisted wooden spooner.

Worse than John Howard losing Bennelong.


This is one of the great evergreen thread titles.


It’s everything the little butt infection deserves


Was sort of hoping he played yesterday and got up to his usual tricks so I could get stuck in just once more.


Oh God no!
A combination of him, Pannell and Fisher - can you only imagine how many goals that would’ve produced? People have speculated whether Ziebell not playing could’ve been the difference. For mine Thomas not playing was clearly what got us over the line…


@Speedy_Gonzales Maybe just a link to it with a warning would be better mate?