Paul 'Poppy' Puopolo is Lindsey Thomas' successor as the weakest and worst player in the league


LOL thats awesome speedy


Amazing it’s still there.

Does that mean all the site rules are out the window then?




Take a chill pill dude


I’m offended that TIPPA gets featured in this thread.

Otherwise, it largely matches the tone of this thread…


True, I would have compared him to Vickery instead. It is about the only time this year TVICKS is going to win an AFL one on one.

Piece of dogshit is Thomas, has he retired yet?


yeah, … mods remove the posts… bruh.



But hey - make a joke about ‘heil Langford’ and the mods sweep into action and remove the post…


This is crude, comparing someone to hitler is insidious. clappy whingers.


Making a visual representation of a person as hitler*


The swear filter won’t let you post the name of a club champion in ■■■■ Reynolds…(ffs, not even with a 1 in place of the i …! ), but sure,… the most offensive word to women in the English language, and to most people, … ESPECIALLY to the children that might use this site, is hunky dory, eh??



Have you flagged it?


Look, I think he mods know what they are doing more than some random guys on the internet. Once this thread gets to half it’s expected life, that’s when their plan for moderation will really kick in.


How are your kids going to see it, when your hogging the computer all day?


Saucy. Lol.


Why do I always miss all the good posts. What was it?


A compare the pair.

making tippa out to be a sick ■■■■. and lindsay thomas out to be a dog ■■■■.


Tippa is an awesome …
Thomas is lower than decent humans

mostly expressed in words starting with C


This is Essendon. We don’t flag.


Talk that this grub will end up at Port. Didn’t think it was possible to dislike him or Port Adelaide more, but there it is. Those ■■■■■■ can’t find a place on their list for Gus Monfries, but they’ll sign this prick up.