Paul 'Poppy' Puopolo is Lindsey Thomas' successor as the weakest and worst player in the league


I’m in the minority but I loved that hit


Was nothing nasty about it. High contact was accidental.
And it was only Selwood the Lesser.


Not much different to the Cotchin bump in the prelim.

Lindsay will get a couple


Nah he ignored the ball and chose to bump. Then got him high. Selwood knocked out and not looking likely to return.

With today’s interpretations he’s getting suspended


Sorry…that’s a five weeker…assuming past record us brought into consideration.


I agree he’ll go for it. But the high bit was unintentional.


I reckon he’s just such a coward, that when he’s going to arrive at the ball at the same time as an opponent, he just gives up on the ball and makes sure he gets the physical contact right so that he won’t get hurt.

Meanwhile, the other guy is still going for the ball.


You can’t go past the ball. He should of gone the ball. 4 weeks minimal.


He should nick off


Serious? He was 5 m away from the ball when he realised he was too late to pick it up, tucked in his shoulder and looked right at Selwoods head.


Dirty sniping idiot he is.

There has never been a player I have hated more I don’t think.

A pea heart with nads the size of grains of sand.


I reckon he tried to tuck his arm out of the way and plant his ■■■■ in Selwood’s chest to push him out of the contest, so that he could then spring back to take possession of the ball. Thought it was a good move that came unstuck because unfortunately his upper arm/shoulder caught Selwood high. I I don’t take this point of view easily as I dislike Thomas as a footballer. But in this case I don’t see what he intentionally did wrong.


I’m not sure how any of what you’re describing would actually work. He looks Selwood in the eyes and ends up hitting him in that area. He had his target and hit it. The slow mo is terrible for Lindsay


Not sure it was as bad as it first looked (on the phone). Seemed to hit Selwoods arms into his own head. Probably gets a week plus another for a bad record.


On the multi angle replay he looks up then drops the shoulder into his head. Knew exactly what he was doing. Should get many weeks.

I hated the rat ■■■■ when he was at North, even more so now he is with the other dog at Port.

Very happy never to see him pull on an AFL jumper again.


Wait, THIS is my favourite thread title.


Looked terrible on the replay.

Should get life.


He hit another bloke with a beauty


Could be one of the best thread titles ever on blitz? Should be a poll


Not a fan of people going the bump when the ball is their to be won so irrelevant to how high he hits him he is still a weak dog who couldn’t get a hard ball to save himself