Paul 'Poppy' Puopolo is Lindsey Thomas' successor as the weakest and worst player in the league


Lol he did smash that guy.
Way late and left the ground. He is a fkn grub ■■■■.


I wish our guys would show that much aggression


Yup then you’d crack the sads and call it an afl conspiracy when we rightfully get rubbed out for 4 weeks


4 weeks for that second hit lol
Glad I’ve never had to play with or coach some of you blokes.


4 weeks for the first one. Might get a fine for the second as he left the ground. i dont mind the aggression, but have to be smart about the hits now. Lindsay is a dumb ■■■■.


I’m not talking about the second one. If you were I take it back.


Oh yeah he will definitely get games for the first one, probably 2-3 even though I don’t think it was as bad as people are making out but there was absolutely nothing in the second one


Yeah was talking about the second one, sorry for the confusion


2 for the first one. Nothing if he brings the guy who defended Cotchin. Fine for the second.


Yep, looked him square in the face and nailed him. No intention of playing the ball. Weak dog.


He’s shocking.


Lindsay Thomas is the weakest and worst player in the league.


I’d sort of assumed he was no longer in the league, but there you go. Thread continues to deliver.


The Milo Thread.


Accidental how? Selwood was bent down chasing the footy, he came in basically from the front, he couldn’t get him anywhere but high!


Unfortunately it’s what he did do that matters, not what he originally planned to do. Once you go straight at someone who’s bent over the footy, you’re pretty much always going to make high contact.
It’s not the heinous attack some are calling it, but it’s worth 2 or 3, and another bad decision in a very long rap sheet for L Thomas.


Runs past the footy, only has eyes for the player, collects him high and player out of the rest of the game. Won’t get less than three.


Looked pretty damn deliberate to me.


2 weeks. Plus 1 for being a flog.


Yeah, 2 weeks plus the flog tax