Paul 'Poppy' Puopolo is Lindsey Thomas' successor as the weakest and worst player in the league




Playing ammos in the 90’'s, if you didn’t do what Thomas did you’d be dragged then shamed post game. Football has changed a lot.


Dishes out cheap hits.
Can’t take it himself.
Long track record of both.

I blame Ports coaches for rushing him off the field to protect him from the wrath of Selwood.
Then again the Tarps are well known for a lack of accountability.


Not in the ammos and country leagues. You are still taught to take out the player if you get a chance.


Considering Black is supposed to be slimming, looked pretty heavy for a league footballer.


A couple of things,

It must suck being at the interchange gate and having a blue break out next to you and know you cant get involved.

Secondly the reserve umpire has the best seats in the house of that hit, dosent run on and make the report. How lazy have they become knowing that the MRP will do their job for them…


The controlling umpire reported him on the spot so no need for the emergency umpire to get involved.


The port interchange bench looked pretty shocked.


Yep. Very deliberate act. Made no attempt to play the ball, was intent on the hit. Gutless effort. Got Selwood high. Deserves 3 weeks.


2 weeks for the hit

+1 for being a flog

-1 for hitting Selwood

2 weeks is fair


He probably would have known that if he went for the ball he’d likely have copped it. It was the soft option that he took. He deserves a holiday.


Power coach Ken Hinkley said the collision was “ferocious” but unintentional.

“No player goes out there deliberately to try and cause things to go wrong but in a contact sport, they do happen that way,” Hinkley said.

“From our point of view, Lindsay was trying to do the right thing.”

Hinkley this is total BS.


Everything changed after B Pickett ko’d B Krummell in the late 90’s. You’ll notice the Hawks players don’t even remonstrate with Pickett and play carries on. Pickett did exactly what he was supposed to do in that instant. Perceptions about head high hits started to shift that day and we are now all better for it in my opinion.


I think Thomas should be given some serious credits that he didn’t feign a push in the back and dive to collect Selwood.


Bizzare to think there was ever an era where that was ok. ‘Thats what’s footy is all about’.


They had a show called “Biffs, Bumps and Brawls”…


The other argument from those levels is that you are giving your teammates an opportunity to collect the ball by removing an opposition player from the contest. This used to be very much a legit play when I played footy - a long time ago. Not with the intention of knocking the player out, but of taking them out of the contest. The thing is, you can’t do it anymore, but some players remain hard-wired that way.

That’s not to say that Lindsay Thomas isn’t the weakest and worst player in the league, btw.


I stand corrected, the article I read said the MRP had reported him…


Still my favourite ever Blitz thread title


I see this one as a two week, plus a flog tax.

But the Hawks burton one as play on.

Why, one went at the footy when the player was in possession, the other just went past the footy without being in the play.

IMHO if you hit a guy in contact with the footy, elbows down etc it’s fair, if you do it for a legit within 5m Shepard then it’s fair.