Paul 'Poppy' Puopolo is Lindsey Thomas' successor as the weakest and worst player in the league


When the Cats players came in to remonstrate you could clearly hear the umpire tell them to stay away as he had been reported.


I think even if you take the high contact out of it, you still can’t do that anymore.
You’ll be charged with rough conduct or charging or some…thing like that.

But that play was in my kit, too. If you’re first to the ball and you know you have numbers but there’s a bloke who’ll tackle you the moment you take possession, you just took him out.
Or you’d go in low and hard, like you were told to, and shoot out the handball.
Can’t do that anymore either, contact below the knees.

Now you’re expected to have the upper body strength to take the tackle and pretty much do a Rugby League hand-off.

Actually if you were just dwelling around a pack you were fair game, when I played.
I got my shoulder dislocated from doing just that.
I don’t bear the guy who did it any ill-will. I was within 5 metres of the ball. I should have had the presence to see the guy coming, but I didn’t.
I don’t consider any of that ‘dirty’, but again, that guy would get a couple of weeks for shirt-fronting a guy off the ball now.


It was what footy was all about and what made it great. It was the reason many of us played the game, for the physical stuff.

The Selwoods are the worst group of players that I have ever seen at protecting themselves. They must have a genetic death-wish. Our coaches taught us how to ride bumps and to get out of trouble.


Burton potentially gets off as his contact was shoulder to shoulder and it ended up a head clash whereas Thomas was shoulder to head.

Personally I draw the line at accidental head clashes in a bump/tackle being reportable, but wouldn’t cry foul if the AFL said that was taboo.


It’s difficult to say in abstract.
Some things you need to see and get the feel of to know whether they’re reasonable or not, but having said that I don’t mind the idea of the tackler having the onus on preventing head high contact.
What I wouldn’t like to see is that onus being carried into marking contests, or in free play where the ball is the object.


Should be a raging hot favourite for Roy and HG’s grub of the year


Wasn’t it actually legal to bump with a raised elbow until the mid 80’s or am I remembering wrong?


Michael Gleeson has a good write up summarising at least half the premise of this thread.


Choose to bump when you’ve got other options then you are liable for the concequence. Both are stuffed. Thomas’ is clearly worse, ran past the footy cleaned Selwood up right in the head. He’ll be referred straight to the tribunal and sitting out 3 weeks minimum.

Burton might escape with a fine but give Higgins was knocked out I doubt it. He chose to bump when he could’ve tackled, at best it’ll be careless conduct with head high contact and high impact. Probably get a week maybe even 2.


Never legal to raise an elbow. Though often went unpunished in all levels of the game.

There was a Bomber Captain in the 1980’s who was a master at this and passed it on to his CHF, who used it often.


TD to Roger Merrett?


Ask Peter Daicos what happened to his front teeth


Geez… just chill guys. He got a Selwood. Should be a reduction there surely


Wrong Selwood, … o/wise yeah, it would be considered a flog on flog incident, and worthy of some leeway.


Joel Selwood and Thomas both got 1 game for punching each other. Thomas’ second bump was thrown out but his first has been sent straight to the tribunal.


We don’t have the capacity to adjudicate a bump off the ball now?


Friggin’ chook lotto.
Every new broom says they’re gonna make sense of it.
Every new broom ■■■■■ it up almost immediately.


Didn’t see what Sicily did but he was referred straight to the tribunal aswell.
Burton was let off correctly


Stood on Atley’s leg while he was lying on the ground, apparently.


This guy gets baited every week. I’m not sure the coach can even convince him to just ignore it. Not in his makeup. Just means he will keep retaliating til he’s given his marching orders. I would doubt anyone would pick him up.