Paul 'Poppy' Puopolo is Lindsey Thomas' successor as the weakest and worst player in the league


What do you reckon?


Also, if this can be the new ‘Wim gets weirdly angry about something then fights everyone’ thread,+ that would be great cause I don’t think I’ll come in here much.

+title clearly needs some work


Again, and this is also true in this case, I’m only replying to people who I’m starting to think about taking a restraining order against.

If someone wants trouble, as the Duke said, I’ll accomodate ya.
But let’s be clear about this, I did not start this stuff, and I always try to be polite.


If that’s really the way you see it then I’m not going to change your mind.

You’ve had it explained to you by heaps of posters on this board a great many times, so theres really no point in me doing it again.

All the best


I don’t know what you want me to do?
HAP thought I was talking about Thomas when I clearly wasn’t.
He asked whether my post was relevant to Thomas and right off the bat, I said no.
He mentioned what players are hard-wired to do, and I told him someone else said that so he should ask them.

Despite him constantly getting it wrong, I tried to point him in the right direction to no avail.
At no time did I get angry with him.

If you think I’ve been unreasonable, then fine. But I honestly fail to see how I could have been more helpful.

And if you’re serious about not calling me out, I’d really appreciate that, thank you.
Only you’ve told me that before, haven’t you.


With respect, I’m really not interested in any of that and I didn’t even read the details of the slanging match that you were having.

As I’ve said already, I am really fundamentally not interested in fighting with you, or anyone frankly. Hope that’s ok



So are you two fighting or not fighting. Its hard to tell.


I have no idea!

I want this thread to be about its original purpose, being Lindsay Thomas is a caaarnt


You’re not The Lone Ranger there …


I have to admit, my first thought when i heard there was an incident in the Port game about Lindsay Thomas was to wonder if there was another Lindsay Thomas that had been recruited (like the two Tom Lynches). I genuinely had no idea Port had picked him up. When/why did that happen?


Port went a bit crazy last year

Lindsay Thomas
Tom Rockliff
Jack watts
Jack Trengove
S Motlop
Trent McKenzie

In one offseason. Makes zero sense to me.

Thomas was a rookie though.


He was a rookie? Those rules have got to change surely.

And they also recruited McKenzie!! I didn’t know that either


what a bunch of kochs


Seriously between this lot they might have one decent footballer.

Thomas’ goal kicking ability
Rocky’s ball gathering and drinking ability
Watts’, I don’t know, hair?
Trengrove’s, nah I got nothing
Motlop’ excitement machineness and also eating ability
McKenzies long kick


Tank and elite set-shot kicking.


I’ll take your word for it!


There aren’t many better at set shots, man.


Yeah I’m being genuine, I will take your word for it. I haven’t watched Melbourne much in the past few years, post the Jack Watts Sucks’ period of his career


Yep, elite shot on goal. Reckon he can play but he just has a severe lack of urgency or dare I say it “laconic”


Nice get using the term “tank” in reference to an ex Melbourne player.