Paul 'Poppy' Puopolo is Lindsey Thomas' successor as the weakest and worst player in the league


This has been a long time coming for Thomas.

He’s spent a career sniping blokes behind play then using the victim card to milk free kicks from it.

He should have missed multiple weeks across his career for staging for free kicks.

There is nowhere to hide now. Throw the f*cking book at the clown.


Or you could just participate in a discussion like a big kid?


No, thank you.
I’ll be ignoring your sick obsession with me from now on.


Three weeks. Good decision.


Should have had his legs broken.


Heartily concur.


He may have saved Joel Selwood a hefty suspension. Part of Selwood’s claim ( accepted) was that Thomas pulled his jumper, throwing him off balance, hence the hand out to to steady himself accidently making contact to the head. If Thomas had not pulled the jumper, Selwood would probably have knocked the living daylights out of him.


I was hoping for life, will have to accept the league is better without this bloke for just the next 4 weeks.


There should be a ‘Brother Clause’. You wipe out someone’s brother, they are entitled to smack you in the head.


So thats why Jacksons back in.


An old VFL tribunal member told me that provocation was a defence and that they looked at the preceding events. Under that rule Zerrett would probably have been cleared.


Do they know you call them ‘old’ in public?


Career fizzled out at Port. Has retired.


So who takes the title now? Jack Watts?


If we were to be honest, it was always Jack Watts.


Lewis Jetta is pretty farking sh*thouse


I’ve never noticed Jack Watts diving too much, and certainly never sniping. That was always what made Thomas so annoying, he was happy to dish out hits late, high and off the ball, but when it was there to be won, he generally wasn’t.


True, but when it comes to weak and worst. Watts is right up there


Thomas was a diving & sniping cheat.

Not many players will ever live up to this bloke. How many times has he hit a bloke behind play, then pretend that he was the one that got hit?

Then add the amount of times he got the ball then immediately duck into tackle, to get a ‘too high’ free kick.

Absolute cretin of the game.


Look, if I am completely honest with you, he was a fkg great footballer for a few seasons. Was athletic as anything and continually kicked decent hauls and goals from angles that no player has any right to kick them from. If I could take peak Lindsay, I’d have him in a heartbeat, genuine gun.

But fk me, he was the biggest fkg flog I have ever seen ‘grace’ the football field. I’m only ranting because I feel this will be my last opportunity to dish out ■■■■ on this ■■■■ before it becomes untimely and unjustified. But I legit would watch port/ north games (I’m a sad lonely bastard) and hope this bloke got knocked the ■■■■ out.

He was dirty, dishonest and dangerous. Honestly I am glad that he took out those two geelong players while he was at port because it basically guarantees that hell be remembered for the dirty shitstain that he was. I am glad that is what he will be remembered for.