Paul 'Poppy' Puopolo is Lindsey Thomas' successor as the weakest and worst player in the league




Wingard and Robbie gray are as bad as they get - throw themselves all over the place trying to milk a free kick


Poppy? I thought he was called Poopy.




Hawthorn will offer him up to GC for a first-round pick or two. He’s shot!



He might be a little ■■■■■■ but he provides outstanding pop cultural value


Pretty sure he just signed a 1yr deal. As has Burgoyne, who was utterly atrocious last night. Full squibbed it.




Small Poppy Syndrome


No, you’re schmoopy!


Missus straight off the bat says
Alex Rance.
Most overrated player.
I was like wow what about Schache or Boyd?


Nobody rates them.
Rance is far and away the most over-rated player, and will be as long as this GOAT garbage continues.
It’s not because he’s not good, it’s because he’s not That good.


What is served by hyping a player, any player up, as the best or worst something or other in the league. Poppy is nowhere near the worst, nowhere near. To say he is, is rubbish. Enough with the hyperbole.


Yes but his name is ploppy.


Just a reminder that this thread is not for discussing which players are or aren’t overrated.

It’s for discussing how Lindsay Thomas was the weakest and worst player in league and how no other current player is weaker or worse.


And he plays for the poos and wees




But who will be Lindsay’s successor, taking the throne in 2019?


I vote for Rance, and here’s why:

  1. Is a good player, but is horribly overrated.
  2. Likes a dive, which he did a couple of times this season.
  3. Comes across as a bit of a sanctimonious git.
  4. Lacking a little bit in the dirty stuff, but the eye gouge against the Dawks shows hes a bit of a ■■■■.
  5. Fark Carlton.


No, not Rance.