Paul 'Poppy' Puopolo is Lindsey Thomas' successor as the weakest and worst player in the league


@Riolio FYI.

This thread, whilst set to 'Normal", and bumped from the wilderness, DID show up in the “Latest”, … so, … the other (Soccer) one was just an anomaly??


Guessing so, perhaps you muted the thread/category accidentally.


No, they were both showing “Norm” when I first went into both.

FWIW, after a bit of pondering, I suspect the difference was that today, I “accidentally” reverted to Vanilla mode, & refreshed the browser proper, as against the new norm of hitting the blitz logo to return to, or refresh the “latest” page



Ryan Mattheison is trying real hard to fill Lindsays shoes


Thats unfair, mathieson will put his body on the line every fkg time. yes he draws frees but he aint a staging diving degenerate.


Definitely one of the top thread titles.


Still agree with this.


Tyrone Vickery warrants mentioning.


Excellent thread.

Tendermani Mazungumagamanu also warrants a mention here.

PS spelling may be slightly off


Bullsh*t. Tendai may be limited but he doesn’t go looking for head high frees.


He got taken down by a sniper on the weekend.

The surprise to me was that he was still on a list.


Tendai Mzvickery


Norf’s banner this week should read ‘Lindsay Thomas, 200 of the weakest and worst games in the league’.


Lindsay Thomas, the worst Selwood brother ever


So this diving cheat —t will play his 200th tomorrow?

Get the gifs ready.


Can someone please put 3 diving judges holding scorecards up with 2 0 0 on them for the Norf banner


This is the prick who’s forced at least two rule changes by his own dirty acts…first, when he slid into Gary Rohan and broke his leg causing an over-the-top rule change, and secondly when he charged Ben Reid and broke his jaw. As far as I’m concerned, it’s always been illegal to jump into a guy when not contesting the ball.

I particularly despised him after a game at Etihad when he knocked over Stanton after he’d kicked…naturally no free downfield…Hurley belted the North player who marked, so there’s 50, and Hardingham copped a week for pushing the little ■■■■ to the ground, and there’s another 50. Thomas had stood over Stanton on the ground, Carazzo-style. Weak, gutless, ducking little turd who puts it on someone else who’s on the ground.

I’ve always hoped for the green hessian screen to go out to him rather than a stretcher.


Sniping little ■■■■ swings the elbow from behind after disposal. Do a knee you weak piece of filth.


Had two chances to win the game and fluffed it. Awwww… Not.


sucked in