Paws, claws, feathers and fins


You spend a lot of time on Redit, @Bomb_Doe hahahaha


I never use reddit

I use Digg, which gives a nice selection of interesting stories from the web.


Ahhh! Forgot all about Digg! Used to frequent it often.


but you can spell it?



it’s definitely white


Just took this photo of my beautiful boy, Casper. He was a ‘rescue’ kitten called Dreamer…and that suits him. A more loving, snuggly, loyal companion you’d be hard-pressed to find.


Want to swap with mine? We have been in a war of attrition for over a decade. When she purposefully positions her tail over the remote sensor on the TV, she knows she’s winning.


hahahaha…attention-seeking :slight_smile:


More cat language of command which I correctly interpret as:
Open the fridge door, fill up the fresh food bowl and I will move


I have the opposite situation from what most people describe. I have a dog that is an ■■■■■■■, who will eat your leg off - has literally lapped up my spouting blood when I nearly sliced my toes off, will do anything imaginable to get a feed - will eat vomit, poo it out, then eat it again, stinks one day after a wash, farts under the coffee table, and has selective hearing. On the other hand - my two cats are absolute darlings who will walk around the block with me, come instantly when called, know their manners, and sleep either side of me most nights. Man’s best friend - cats.


A mate of mine has a cat who used to act like that. It would go for walkies, chase balls, run up and down stairs when told to, stuff like that, until the day came and he realised he was a cat.


When guests come over, my other cat, Coco, will run up to them and rub up against their legs, or jump up on something to get closer to their face to say hello. Meanwhile, Jak the 16 year old Jack Russell will snap at their ankles and hound them hoping they’ll give him something.
I’m a little biased.


Could be unfair on the dog - may be he’s trying to protect you?
My dog would bark at people outside, but once I let them in the house it was OK.
Whereas, as for the cat, claiming ownership with its sucking up to guests.


Jak will walk off with anyone carrying food.
My cats would scratch their eyes out if they tried anything funny and I wasn’t around.
Loyalty - my cats
Food - my dog

Like I said - I’m biased.
Also - I’ve had many fantastic dogs over the journey, including 3 German Sheps. This one, however - is a little different. And has had a long long life.



Yeah but you can’t blame the cats when you drop your guts.


When the cat strolls across the tiled floor to vomit on my rare expensive Afghan rug.


You turned your Afghan into a rug???


May be I should have bought Persian instead?


Ooooh that looks a lot like my Beelzebob (died February at 19yo). Was a darker grey and more restrained but still brilliant-white tux and socks.