Pell and other allegations

it is harrowing watching, but yes, that is exactly what they are doing.


Churches and religious organizations are pure evil.


Four corners, the first case study was about Catholic Church in NSW, next one was Geelong Grammar in Vic. Next one is back to Catholic Church near Canberra and Lismore.

Fark, this case is disturbing… the church is trying to intimidate an Aunty of a victim by saying that it should have been ‘foreseeable by her’ that she shouldn’t have left the boy in the pedo priests company.

Fark… the royal commission says that approximately 1 in 5 Marist brothers were rock spiders.

Now Scouts NSW are using these tactics against victims. The actual perpetrator is still alive and in jail.

Far out… Scouts NSW got the permanent stay and gots costs awarded against the victim.

Surely that’s appealed…and overturned.

We need legislation

Government waiting on a case going through the High Court next week.

That law is unjust and a pox on every organisation who uses it.

Those poor people, hope the High Court gets the decision right and that law can be abolished.


No special protection for paedophiles in prison.

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Although in Victoria, most of them go to Ararat.

Thread needs to be retitled, every time there is a post i think the man has come back to be indifferent to the abuse of children.

It’s 2023. Religion still being a thing is embarrassing, eradicate it already.

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Wouldn’t it have been better to not have pedo priests anywhere near kids? The church playing a blame game when it is all on them. I know the self preservation gene is a strong one, be it an individual or an organization, but that is flat out evil.

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Wouldn’t it be better to snip their balls off and hang them on a cross inside their church to die.

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It doesn’t seem to just be religion.

It’s organisations that take control over children and vulnerable people, including some government organisations.


That reminds me of an old joke.
Q: What is the difference between a Rottweiler and a social worker?
A: If you try real hard you can get your kid back from a Rottweiler.

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Yeah, that wasn’t real funny back in the '80s either.

Speaking of the Catholic Church …



They’re completely beyond any form of human decency, yet we’re supposed to look up to them for moral guidance.

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That Russell Brand is clearly a highly intelligent person, he has the wildest eyes that are, to be honest, frightening. However, it seems I have nothing to fear. I don’t work for the BBC, and I am not female. It will be interesting to see if/when he is charged and how many of his accusers sue the BBC.

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