Perks/refunds etc for 2020 EFC members


As an acknowledgement, if you maintain your membership for 2020, members will receive a complimentary upgrade for 2021 or a free Essendon guernsey signed by a player. This will be determined by your membership product.

Alternatively, you will have the option to convert your membership to a tax-deductible donation, which we will facilitate through the Australian Sports Foundation on your behalf.

By maintaining your membership with the club, you will be helping to protect our future and keep us independent from the AFL as an unassisted club.

If, as a result of your individual circumstances, you are unable to maintain your membership with the club, we will be able to discuss alternative arrangements with you, including the option of a future credit or refund on your membership.

As we know it is important to members, the Board has also resolved that consecutive years of membership will be honoured, reserved seats will be protected and membership prices will not be increased next season.

Finally, in a new initiative, we will be launching the Back a Bomber membership campaign for members to financially support their fellow members doing it tough. Our football club has always supported our people, supported one another. It’s the Essendon way. If you are in a position to help another member, please click here (see your email).

Our membership team will be in contact over the coming week with more information regarding your membership options. Due to the sheer size of our incredible membership base, we will be required to phase communications to our members so please be aware there may be a slight delay in receiving your tailored email. Should you not receive this update by mid-June, please contact our membership team


Sounds like Tippa is going to be signing a lot of jumpers.


I just want a scarf that I like.


I want my name on a brick wall at the hanger.


Seriously, this is actually a great initiative by the club. Kudos.


Also, he included a Fark Carlton in his preamble.


Does anyone know if there will be an option to keep paying your membership component of your package so we support the club but getting a credit or refund on reserved seating as there are no venue costs e.g. paying Marvel.


I would just like some flowers on Valentine’s Day because all they do is ■■■■ me!

Upgrade? What,like from Bronze to silver,or a reserved seat?

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Yeah, not sure how that would work.
HM memberships for instance are nearly at full capacity so not should you could upgrade that many members


Can’t get an upgrade you get a Guernsey was my reading.

Wonder if us international digital members will score a guernsey.


Do you reckon this includes AFL members with Essendon club support?

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Excellent initiative. Well done Essendon.


Knowing my luck I would get a jersey signed by worsfold


This will be determined by your membership product., let’s hear this first


I must have missed this email…did anyone on the Digital International membership receive this email?

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■■■■, would love to go from flexi to bronze.

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can i get a signed sock from joe?


I want a signed Essendon tie!