Peter "2MP" Wright - Return to form Peter

Was it Wrights left or right shoulder?

If it was his right shoulder, it’s hard to believe that would be the reason for his contested marking drop off because the risk is far greater in the ruck I’d imagine.

If it was his left shoulder that reason would be more plausible.

Absolutely nothing in the news articles from the time stating which shoulder was his issue…

Except he is rarely outmarked & the ball comes to ground … he squares the contest at a minimum. A very important thing …. & the reason we need a good small crumber or 2, also chews up a bit of time that allows our defensive structures to setup. Same with Jones except he also brings pressure, which 2MP don’t


2MP is playing a vital role at the minute. He’s demanding the opposition play their tallest, strongest defender on him, which leaves Langers, Jake, Harry and the mosquito fleet to get a little more room to move. He’s competing in packs and bringing the ball to the ground. He’s doing a more than serviceable job in the ruck as, and when, required. What he’s not doing is being an obsessive target in the forward line - one that saw us blindly kicking moonshots in there for the weeks before his suspension. As counterintuitive as it may sound, I don’t think his primary KPI from the coaches is 100% goals right now … they’re a bonus, not a focus. It’s working, too …


Spot on

The perfect example of what he can do for us is palms flat tap the ball to Guelfi to gather and goal.

Imagine Taylor spewing that in spite of his dominance, we found plenty of ways to get inside 50 and his opponent was tapping the ball to small forwards or we were pressuring their smalls or lacing out Langers.


All I expect from 2MP is for him to compete and bring the ball to ground. He is doing that mostly.


It was why Draper was being played forward on 2MP’s absence. There was a contest on the wing on the weekend where Peter didn’t even attempt to mark simply bring it to ground. Draper was doing the same. Clearly the instruction is to half the contest and get at least a ball up rather than allow an intercept mark and let the opposition rebound.

I think as a supporter group we are so used to seeing individual efforts win games fro us like Wright kicking 5 plus or Parish getting 35 disposals, Redman ruining off halfback etc. These days it’s all about play your role and be selfless and as a team we will do better.

It’s more sustainable


I would like to know what our season average for contested marks inside forward 50 is like.
If we are to improve, we need some of those contested marks inside 50, which I consider as bonus goals. It gives the team a bit of break and hurts opposition morale.

I have no hope of Jones taking contested marks inside 50, so it’s up to 2MP to get back his edge.

I can’t find that specifically, but adjacent to that we are:

  • 4th for marks inside 50 (12.5 a game)
  • 4th for contested marks (10.6 a game)
  • 1st for marks on the lead (12.6 a game)

1st for marks on the lead! What’s going on! I know we have been hitting up leads this season but to be first. Most likely due to the short pass game we do coming out of defence.

But, I really can recall many forward 50 contested marks. I mean genuine pack marks by a tall.

Most of that is Langford, who is 1st in the league for marks on the lead, and 5th for marks inside 50.

I reckon we’ve been bombing to packs a LOT less this year. Our inside 50 delivery has really improved. That’s possibly why we’ve had less contested pack marks?


Also, we don’t seem to have many plays where we have time to get our forwards back inside the 50 for getting packs to form, and then like you say even if there is a pack, we tend to hit the short passes and find free options.

Wright is valuable for us at the moment and with our current list we need him in the Forward line but agree we need him to lift, take mor marks and start averaging 2+ goals a game. If he doesn’t lift then maybe next year and beyond we need to get an upgrade, maybe Hunter, maybe someone else.

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Why shocked?

Competed really well in the ruck. Took big clunking marks on the wing and booted 4.2. Was either him or LDU for BOG for mine


I commend this post.

Yes he did plenty up the ground. I think his ruck work is underrated.

Thought NM were crazy playing a first gamer on him. Thought Comben would have been a far better matchup.

Pete did really well though, his ruckwork the last few weeks has actually been pretty good. Something I didn’t really rate from him previously tbh.

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On the lead his marking is really good.But under a high ball in any sort of contested situation his marking is really bad

Reckon he dropped 3 pretty simple marks in the first 5min of yesterdays game

His ruckwork has been good though

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yeah quite buttery atm on the lead for some reason, Langers was the exact same yesterday too, dropped some sitters