Peter "2MP" Wright - Return to form, Peter

I want a Joe the goose % for each of those years. Do Champion Data track that?


I believe 95% of all of Jenkins goals were from inside the goal square.


Wouldn’t we all! I should of used the jack anthony example

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It was a good example.

Whatever happens he needs a fkn tazer to the nads to waken him up. Plays like he’s just had 5 buckets in the rooms. I swear he was never this lumbering or slow either. Its infuriating


Dont we have the guru of head noise docs at the club now… look into my eyes, deep into my eyes…

People talk about Jenkins as if he wasn’t an absolute gun KPF.
He was.
And his partnership with Betts (who gave Jenkins the occasional soft handball as thanks) was amazing.

We Don’t Have That.

And we don’t question Why Jenkins was on his own in the goalsquare, either.

Yeah i got that one wrong wim. You can relax now

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Bigger worries.
I’m chill.

What’s worse is our entire forward line has looked horrific since his return. Some of it is coincidence with Langford, Stringer, et al not converting easy opportunities. But Jones has disappeared since his return and I reckon our bomb it long forward entries have gotten worse because players are just hoping he’ll mark, or more likely, just create a contest.

Just to be clear, he returned on Anzac Day.

Forward line looked ok that day, as it did against GWS.

He was away for the St Kilda, Port, Bulldogs and Adelaide games.

So basically, we had one really good week without him.

He’s the perfect second banana.

My kingdom for a first banana.

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Vigo Visentini.


I honestly think part of it is that our guys don’t do enough off the ball to help him. The subtle blocks etc. Add to that Coleman , Ablett , Dunstall and Lockett couldn’t do any better,with the way the ball is kicked on top of 2mp head instead of into the space


Some blitzer said it is because of bombing the ball forward has been happening again, and suggested he be moved to the ruck??
It is really disappointing to watch him play at present, he just doesn’t seem to compete………but what would I know ??

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Thread title needs a comma after ‘form’


I think we need to move him to CHF for a game or two and then drop Jones for Draper at FF/Ruck. Then when Goldy goes to the bench roll wright back to FF.

He just needs to find some footy on the lead, get involved more, even do some more ruck work to build the intensity.

He is just sitting back waiting for it to happen at the moment.


2-3 years ago you would’ve said 2mp was an upgrade on JD. Not sure what’s happened but 2mp now has no 2nd effort, can’t hold a contested mark and is slower than Goldy.
Still wouldn’t swap him for JD but geez he needs to pull his finger out soon.
I could see a shorter forward line working with Langford, Jones and Caddy.
Is 2mp worth trading for a top 2nd round pick?


Would happily trade Wright for the right price

We then use what we get for a qaulity key forward that can take a contested mark and is not affraid to use his body as a battering ram