Peter "2MP" Wright - Return to the VFL, Peter

Yep good to see Wright return to form, I will take 2 goals a week from him, he’s only a bit player after Stringer and langford and now Caddy in there too.

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The beauty of what Brad is trying to build is we don’t need to rely on Peter being the spearhead who kicks bags of goals. A couple of goals will do just fine from him, Langers, Stringer, Caddy and Jones. Of these, five all of them have the potential to kick a bag (I believe Caddy and Jones will in time).

How does the opposition counter that? Good luck. One of them will bob up and kick your 3 or 4, however with the others all chipping in we are set. Just need the small forwards to complement them.

Wright also contributes in the ruck.
Jones contributes off the wing.
Stringer contributes out of the middle.
Langers contributes with his ability to gather the ball below his knees. (which is so valuable when our small forwards are so poor).

I’m happy with Pete’s contributions, especially as his kicking is excellent. Much prefer this than some of the duds out there who get 5 to 6 shots at goal or more and can’t kick to save themselves.


What’s interesting at the moment is that multiple teams are performing better without the KPF’s being available.

Hawkins gets injured and Geelong improve
Dickson dropped and Port improve
King Injured and Saints improve
2MP was suspended and we looked our most dangerous

It could be coincidence, but it appears to me that unless the KPF is performing by marking the ball and kicking goals, they are a liability to the team as they reduce forward line pressure and make forward 50 entries more predictable.


We also had our worse loss with him out.

It’s incredible how highly people rate our one kick wins over St Kilda and Adelaide in hindsight.

We had one good game without him.


I actually did rate the Saints and Adelaide wins. The saints were good early in the season and had really spanked us in the pre-season. Adelaide in Adelaide was also a good win as we dominated most of the game.

Surely you agree that when 2MP is in the team, we become very predictable. Not saying he shouldn’t be there, but we need to stop bombing it long to him, as he rarely marks it and we don’t have the quality smalls to crumb goals.


I think the bigger issue is if we play him AND two rucks. I think our performances when only playing two of those three have been superior. And that’s more to do with being too tall and insufficiently mobile.


My thoughts exactly


I think one ruck and one lumbering forward / ruck is fine. Most clubs have at least one slow defender. It’s when we’ve played two rucks plus Pete we’ve looked slow



Thankfully we have a Caddy.

No pressure.

The other way of looking at is the long bombs make us very predictable. 2MP is a good mark on the lead, he is not a good contested mark, that looks like being Caddy. That not only gives us two different style players but makes us less predictable, and harder to defend against. 2MP is also a brilliant kick for goal, and he only needs a few chances/kicks at goal to apply scoreboard pressure.

I looked up another stat on footywire. For contested marks (>4 games played) Wright is equal 41st in the league. With a number ahead of him who don’t play forward.

Again, i don’t think it’s that Wright doesn’t do enough. It’s that Blitzers want/expect him to be one of the best forwards in the league and set the bar at that level. Wright is a very decent #2 KP forward, and #3 general forward for most teams. Blitzers just want someone better.


The 53 goal or whatever it was season in 22 set people’s expectations high. But I’ve said before i dont think he’s that forward consistently.

I actually think he’d be better off as the second ruck consistently, and not the key forward. Caddy & Langford should be our main two forwards imo


Wright will kick 5 tonight

Wright will be lucky to kick 1 with May on him.

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Last time they played against each other he kicked 4

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Weidemen kicked 4 goals that night too

He wasn’t playing against May though

Wright kicked 53 goals that year, it was an awesome year, but so far an outlier. We’ll see how he goes but I can’t see this version of Wright kicking more than a goal, maybe, maybe 2.

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He’s kicked 2 goals a game for the last three games and out of the 12 games this year he has kicked 2 goals 7 times.


He has a half to contribute something then.