Petition For a Review and restructure of The EFC

So i know it isn’t create a thread month anymore but i have been urged to post and start a petition by a fair few people on bomberblitz and also “Essendon bombers for life” Facebook page which has 9K members.

I have been told by some people on here that it’ll do nothing and there’s no point but i figured i don’t care what people reckon and its better to at least try and save the club then sit around and do nothing.
Whats the worst that can happen? People don’t sign the petition and the club goes down the same path.
Whats the best that can happen? We get a fair few signatures and the club realises its time to pull its finger out and we force it to make change. The heat from the media, past players, members and fans and losing significant membership numbers should really be the tipping point.

So here is the petition i wrote up last night, it is only the rough edit and im down for any changes you guys recommend. Once everyone thinks its of a good standard ill post it onto and we can all start signing it and eventually send it to the club.

We should try and get it done soon and send it to all our friends so we have a decent amount of signatures by the end of the season. The other option is we could follow in richmonds footsteps to a tee and drop a truckload of mannure off at tullamaruine? lol anyway Let me know what you guys think, Cheers.

"I write this to the Essendon Football Club in a time of crisis. The football club that I and many supporters have loved our entire lives is in a total state of demise.

It has not seen any on field success for 20 years and has been upended by the supplement saga in 2012.

We the supporters have had enough of the club being so poorly run and governed by people in high places.

We as the supporters deserve more than this and we have been asked to be patient too many times. This mediocrity isn’t acceptable and we are sick to death of it.

Admittedly the club as a whole and the football department has seen many changes since the supplement saga but one department that has not been changed is the list management and Recruitment. We ask for a review on this department and to compare our list building strategies to other successful clubs as we need a new perspective moving forward. We have not seen any superstars in the club since Hird and Lloyd.
The board is another area of the club that needs over hauling. Our goal as a club needs to be winning premierships and winning premierships only. We do not want corporate board members with no experience in the AFL industry. We must bring in people who demand success and standards and nothing else. We are not here to please the AFL or other clubs; we are here to succeed and take no prisoners.
The club’s current values are not going to turn this club into a powerhouse again.
“Innovation, care, Growth, Engagement, Social inclusion, Respect, learning, reputation”
These are not values that will take you to a premiership. They also don’t align with the supporters as a community.
Our values need to be; Honesty, consistency, courage, passion, Success, Accountability.
These are the actual values that the club used to stand for. Theyre values that the supporters identify with and expect to see.
Until the club aligns itself back to the supporter base, we can continue seeing more of the same and the culture being a mess and eventually memberships will decline.
Club memberships should be the 2nd priority as it is not the aim of the game.

All us as fans see right now is a well-run business and a very amateur run football club and it is sad and pathetic.

We as fans cannot sit around any longer while our favourite club we have poured money and time into slowly but surely destroys itself and Burys itself into even more years of entrenched mediocrity.

The fans of this club are demanding a complete external review of every department of the football club specifically involving the board and football departments. We are also demanding a proper hard rebuild of the list. We had a perfect opportunity to do it in 2016 but chose not to and what a failure that decision was. We are sick of other clubs bottoming out and flying past us as we are continuously middle of the road.
May we suggest people like leigh Mathews or paul Roos. People with no emotional attachment to the club that can come in and tell the club where and what needs to be discarded of or fixed/improved on.

We believe the club post the 2016 supplement saga suspensions has been as poorly run as it possibly could have been. The current playing group is flat and has been playing the worst football we as fans have ever seen. The list as it stands is not capable of contending for a flag let alone a final and anyone within Essendon that believes this is completely delusional. We have lost hope.

We demand action come years end. We demand this be taken as serious as it can be. A full club review must and will happen, asking for patience does not fly anymore. We demand honesty as supporters that have stuck with the club through the hardest times any club in the history of the league has gone through.
it is time us supporters really put the heat on the club as it is just unfair on us, the backbone of the club to just cop whatever it is the club dishes out when obviously it has the resources available to become something great once again and sustain it.

Thanks for your time, please give this petition a sign for the greater good of the Essendon Football Club. The sooner this happens the better.


Ahhhh petitions. Don’t ya love them?

I always have a chuckle at the idea but you’re right. Nothing happens if you don’t do anything. I have a few questions. What’s stopping non Essendon supporters from signing the petition? I feel that would not be working in the best interests or a true representation of the supporters/members of the club if it’s open for anyone to sign.

Also a bit harsh in the wording around Dodoro. He’s been dealt a ■■■■ sandwich. Saying that I’m indifferent as to whether he stays or goes as he’s had a long stint at the club.

Finally, it’s a bit strange (imo) asking for an independent review of the club but already suggesting suitable replacements.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. Good luck and whilst there’s not really much scope left, don’t fark the club up even further.


Yeah fair enough man, im willing to change any bits that people reckon arnt right.

I wrote this up in one go in 5 minutes last night.

And dont you think someone like leigh mathews would be able to identify the problems? How could i word it better?



What does that mean? TL;DR equals ?

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I don’t think much needs to change.

Communication to members probably and thats because Essendon is such a large club.

Rutten has to start taking pressers.

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Too long Didnt read

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Petitions whilst well intended don’t hurt the clubs bottom line. Want to make a statement, stop giving the club your money


Iv already done that and have been encouraging others to do it also. This is just one more thing us fans are able to do, may aswell?

Edit: membership numbers came out today too. Hawthorn, collingwood, carlton, richmond and westcoast are all above us.

I have read and it is very worthwhile.

I think it will go a long way if all of blitz can rally behind this. This club has not listened at all to any grumblings for years now, with a support base full of happy-clappers it is hard to see membership numbers dropping too drastically. If even a 1000 people could sign a petition like this and the club see’s the petition or someone of Rohan Connolly status is able to share and promote it could really create talk.

Port adelaide got there prison bar petition going so why not this one.

The petition itself is well put together and hits the nail on the head for key things we care about, just need blitz to actually try do some real action instead of just sooking and moaning on here all day.


We have to take a broom to the Essendon football club and get rid of all the dead wood like Adrian dodoro ,when was the last time he recruited a superstar .Xavier Campbells should resign. he’s the one who apppoint that brain dead and clueless coach.who has set us back 10 year

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Hey man, I like the idea.

IMO the best thing for a petition is that it’s short, concise & makes a strong point about the direction of the club.

Demanding staff be sacked won’t be taken seriously.

IMO there is a good point to be made regarding the clubs direction.

Supporters, members and past players have stated very strongly that the clubs new held values don’t align with the fabric and history of the club. Members are disillusioned with the football club.

It’s a very simple strategy for a petition, which the club can adopt and something most supporters will agree with.


We can remove bits about sacking people if need be, the thing we definitely need to demand is a full club internal review from an external source.

Any suggestions on how to word it better?

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Hopefully we can get this to take off and make a difference

I mean, it comes from the heart which is nice and all but lacks the bite of a properly based criticism.

You have to outline facts and evidence which support your sentiment. I wouldn’t name individuals but rather refer to the specific department. Instead of Dodoro, refer to our Recruiting Department or Strategy.

For example, you refer to teams that have flown past us having bottomed out. Did you know that since 2015 National Draft, Port Adelaide have used 7 picks in the National draft between pick 11 and 20. Essendon has used none. Amongst players Port have acquired with those picks are Butters, Duursma, Marshall, Georiades and Powell Pepper. During the same time frame we used 7 picks for selections 60 and over. Port Adelaide just two. It’s this sort of result that needs to be presented to the club. You can do the same analysis with Brisbane. I have and it’s scary. Our recruiting strategy has been so flawed that we have barely a player under 22 worthy of 200 games. Our successes have been the result of good luck eg Ridley looks like he can play and was picked with pick 22. Draper was nabbed via the Rookie Draft. Good luck is not an excuse around which you build a balanced list.

I would sign your petition but not in its present form. If we want change, you got to expose these donkeys in a cold, calculating manner. Not the “ oh the fans are revolting” manner that they will simply dismiss as an occupational hazard.


Okay i will remove names and refer to the departments only.

Ill look into some specific failures we can point out tomorrow. I feel the flaw in values definitely represents what alot of fans are feeling right now. There is a definite disconnect with how the club is operating and how the fans want the club to be.

Thanks for the criticism, ill work on it over the next couple days.

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Go for an SGM and a board spill instead


SGM? haha nice meme

Special general meeting, or requisitioned general meeting. Get 5% of members, force the board to have a general meeting and put your stuff forward as special resolutions. Then if they get up in a vote, they legally have to carry them out.