Photos you‘ve taken






These are from Mt Takao, about an hour train ride from Shibuya.

My photos after visiting the Beer Mount restaurant are not particularly stable.



After countless council fk ups, my deck is now finished and I have sweeping views of bushland untill you get to the fricking screen they are coming to sign off on. Lucky for me it’s decking timber screwed into a timber frame…


Our Dragon Arum Lily is just out, this morning in fact, and as usual we smelt it before we saw it. Hard to get a good pic because it’s in the half shade but the central purple feature is about 20 inches long. The local flies reckon all their Christmases have come at once and the dog we’re baby sitting is confused as hell and keeps running around its base looking for the dead possum. We’ve got the house locked up but it’s just near the kitchen and the back door and it stinks to high hell.


GRR (have never seen one before) how long does it stay in bloom?


I think a week or two. It bloomed two years ago, about two thirds this size, but snapped off in the wind last year. From base to purple point it’s about 5 feet 6 inches and it needs to be in a sheltered spot.
The stench has abated this morning to a mildly unpleasant waft. The full on dead body stage seems to only last a day. It’s pollinated by flies rather than bees, hence the pong.


Not Santa, but a christmas eve visitor nonetheless.


For fans of lens flare:


one of my nieces on Christmas Day.


She looks like a handful…


she is, rather.


Lake Wendouree today.

If you’re facing the right direction, you need no special lens or later filtering…

Not technically great, but included for the ice-skating one at the top left!


Ibii (I don’t care if that’s the incorrect pluralisation)

There were a lot of copulating dragonflies:



I don’t know what these bugs (?) were, hovering above the tree.