Photos you‘ve taken


had to at least try. #needalongerlensthough


Snice :slight_smile:


Sunset at my place ,tonight.
Technical information for all the camera nerds out there … I took the photo with an I phone !!!



Where’ve ya been, man??
Nice photo.


just a phone pic, but it’s pretty!! :stuck_out_tongue:


and I like the light in this one :slight_smile:


How do you get a picture of the two bees like that ? Incredible shot. Well done.


So, fully realising this is NOT the travel thread, let’s start with a couple Angkor shots…

Go to the lesser-visited temples and you might have just one other person or cat around. But they’re still useful for photo purposes:



When you’re bored of trying a zillion different exposures to get different effects, look at the moat in front of you!


Everyone likes monkeys. Even the ones who defecate in the Singapore water catchment.


Hello darkness, my old friend…


Well, there is a little light in my soul…


Dragonflies love showing off. Not as good as the epic Kegon Falls shot of 2016, but hey… that was epic.


Snippets of everyday life…

When i have a choice of walking a main road or wandering off some stupid back road… not a hard choice.

Mekong at Phnom Penh

I thought monks weren’t meant to take short cuts!


Some things are big, and some are small.

“If I stand on this little mound, my tootsies won’t get wet?"

You may need to look closely to see the point of this one!


People say I don’t do people shots… occasionally I do.


Some things are pretty much impossible to take a bad photo of*

*is not true


Animals! Everyone likes animals!

The colours!

Singapore Night Zoo. RUN.




The winners write history, and it’s hilarious.