Photos you‘ve taken


Finally, a random thing (actually, two things, I assume the truck doesn’t race) I found in a Bangkok street. I’m pretty sure I know exactly which niche of Blitzers will like this!


… and Saladin is first to declare himself “niche”… I win.


more phone pics :slight_smile:


I’ve always thought this was the best photo I’ve ever taken. It’s in Wales, 2008, and in the far right you can see my wife and her sister fighting their way up the hill into the wind.


Where I go running on Sunday mornings


Cradle Mountain has some beautiful and diverse landscapes




Is there a filter on this?


Only a swear filter.

(No, there’s no filter on that pic).


Some kind of HDR treatment…


What did you take it on?


Panasonic G9 mirrorless.


Kinda, but not with multiple bracketing.

For clarification, I actually haven’t seen the pic other than at phone size so it may be very garish.

It was shot with exposure for the balloons/sky, deliberately leaving much of the image underdone, partly to get a slower shutter speed and increase colour saturation, partly to prevent blowing the highlights as the foreground was still in dawn light.

Then I just boosted the shadows and added some ambient light settings for what is meant to be a somewhat surreal and oversaturated effect.

I’ll check it out on the laptop tonight.

Here’s another from same location.


Just had a look at it at decent size. Not unhappy with it. a bit of noise in the boosted area’s, not unexpected for smaller sensor camera’s. But I’ve probably got the focus set too far back (on the balloon), even with the deeper depth of field of microfourthird sensors the foreground is a bit softer than ideal and adds to the noise perception. Focus on the station would have kept more of the key items sharper. I’d have to check the settings, I think I was already at F/8 so not much room to move there.

Here’s one from earlier in the week that I’m fairly happy with. Just needed more people on the platforms.


I like photos of busy areas with no people.





The Sacred and the Profane? This nearby Japanese Magnolia usually has crap cars parked next to it. Gorgeous in full bloom, despite the setting.