Photos you‘ve taken


Playing with time lapse function. One frame is one minute. Video @ 25fps.





Tried night time lapse as well.

Need to get mains power adapter for camera.




Do you ask for permission before taking photos of people @saladin?


There is no legal requirement to do so in this state, providing you are (a) in a public space, and (b) your subjects are also. ‘Public space’ is not always as clear as it seems. Another way to look at it is - people in a public space should not and cannot expect privacy. This includes law enforcement and children. There are a few exceptions.

What you cannot do, is use any image of anyone or anyone’s personal property as a means for profit (ads, marketing, etc) without written permission. Showing pics in a forum is not a legal issue.


It depends. Deck has set it out fairly clearly in terms of legality.

Morally is a different issue. If I’m taking a street scene and the people within that scene are key to it working candidly then I just take the pic. If I set out to take someone’s specific portrait - even in an impromptu street setting - I would want to talk to them prior anyway.

I’m generally very careful about photos of kids, I don’t set out to photo kids I don’t know, generally I actively avoid it. The wedding pic is a bit different, I wanted a context of the happy guests and the light fell on the youngsters face.

The girl in the laneway I did not ask for permission. Take the shot in its setting/context, move on. She was so absorbed in her phone and cigarette that she never knew I was there and arguably she as an identifiable individual wasnt the focus of the scene, rather just the human form was.


Also - I have a personal rule - if it would cause the subject discomfort of any sort, I think twice before it gets shown anywhere.



I shot a friend’s wedding for them, I could probably have permission to show some of them publicly but it just hasn’t felt right to do so.


You gotta laugh at some people’s outrage though. People love it when they see themselves on TV for some reason - but if it’s in a photo by an amateur…hell breaks loose.


Lol. I was at Camberwell market one morning, took a wide angle shot and one of the stall holders did his nut. “Are you photoing me? Why? Am I in that shot!?”. Got really fired up. I showed him the pic, he was a tiny figure among plenty of others, which mollified him somewhat but he still wasn’t happy.

It wasn’t a good pic anyway.


I took a wide shot in the city once - 50mm, and that guy with the long white dreadlock matted beard who was in there somewhere started yelling at me that it was ‘his private image’ and that ‘I had no right to his image’ and making a farking scene. Professional scam artist, he is.


I find homeless/beggars a really tricky one. A bit of a minefield really.


Read this and scrolled up for lols. Disappointed.


Channel 7 used footage of me skateboarding across Brunswick St in an article they did on hipsters. I’m so not a hipster.


Yes, I agree. People tend to ‘use’ them because they think it makes their photo fantastic.
This guy is just an ■■■■■■■■. I had given him $20 just the week before as I was walking by.


I get a lot of questions when i’m using my drone. People don’t realise until I turn the drone and point it at them that you actually can’t identify people with them!

I do though like to ask though when I take a photo of someone but you lose the atmosphere as soon as you ask. The subject ‘poses’ as opposed to acting naturally.


Drones can potentially be a different matter. Depends entirely on where/why you’re using them. It’d be an interesting discussion re filming over peoples back yards etc, which is probably treated as a "personal private space’. But again, in a public area you’d be fine.