Photos you‘ve taken


Street photography to me, is the most poignant kind. It can’t really exist without being ‘in the moment’.


Some street photos:




Like your work, Deck.



Yours Wob?


Farking canola! I hate the smell of that stuff.


Yeah that’s my bike mate


Here is some more random iphoneography




That’s the life, man.


You are Max Rockatansky !


Snapped this pic of the Great Torii Gate in Hiroshima Bay in 2016.



Miyajima. I will be there in 7 weeks time.


On the way to the shrine, you will pass an outdoor oyster stall (called kakigoya in Japanese). A guy will be grilling them. They are magnif.


I can’t wait! There is a place not too far away that is doing all you can eat oysters for 4000 yen.

I’m spending two nights on the island too. Love that place.


Deckham and Saladin’s chat about people on the street reminded me of this photo I took from a pedestrian bridge in Osaka years ago:

As I was leaving, a girl came up and went off at me, asking me why I’d taken a photo of her, I had to delete it etc. I politely said I’d show her the photo and if she could identify herself in it I’d delete it. She couldn’t but resumed going nuts, questioning why I wanted the photo, telling me I was breaking the law. This went on for like ten minutes, with me refusing to delete the photo she didn’t appear to be in.
Eventually I just turned and walked away through the crowd, but she kept following me, pestering. She was blocking me saying she’d call the police. “Good idea!” I said. “Let’s go tell them that you’re harassing me.”
I walked her up to a police box and opened the door, motioning for her to follow. She gave up and disappeared. After that, I got pretty hesitant about trying candid street shots.


A few others from the same period I found while hunting for the above one. I haven’t posted stuff in here for so long, I hope I haven’t posted them before:


You are not Steve smith


If i’m not wrong, you do need permission in Japan for any video or photo of anyone in public.