Photos you‘ve taken


It would depend on use I assume. She asked me what the photo was for and I told her nothing, I was just taking snaps for myself. It didn’t placate her.


Your photo seems fine.

Photographing people in the streets is a sensitive topic in Japan. Generally, it’s OK to take photographs of a large crowd. There are some excellent vantage points around Shibuya Station where you can capture a bird’s-eye-view of the legendary Scramble Crossing. However, avoid taking photos where individuals are recognizable unless you have their permission.

This isn’t just etiquette, it’s Japanese law. If someone complains about your snapping, your behavior could end up landing you in a police station. Please note that street fashion shots are also included in this policy. Yes, some photographers complain and say they would rather sneak photos because people look more “natural” that way. Despite their protest though, Japanese law continues to protect the rights of an individual over the right to turn them into your “art.”


The crabapple’s out and about.


Some phone snaps while on holiday.




I love that kangaroo shot.


This is a brilliant photo…there is just so much happening in it


Bit too much colour though…



The sunstars on the tank worked much better without colour…



A few more holiday snaps



That is one shiny bonce. Kitten car polish?


Only the best.


You look like Damien Pevrill without the hair!


Homer, did you polish your head in the Shine-O Ball-O?


Taken from the balcony of my cabin at work.


I’ll take that as a compliment, you charmer, you.


I’ve never seen you without a hat or a beanie. This shot sans hat and with sunnies looks like a different character. I wouldn’t have recognised you. Nice cliffs.