Photos you‘ve taken




More piccies from abroad


No not at all.


Some very nice photos here.

Mine is no work of photographic art, but it is my new office chair.



Get a haircut hippy!


When you’re a chrome dome like that, there’s usually an inverse relationship between the hair on your scone and hair in place you don’t want it, like nose, ears and back.


No, I’m not sending you dic-pics, fark off.


Well…I’ll consider myself told.

And try valiantly to mask the disappointment.


Little tacker sneaking into our back porch on the day of my boy’s 9th birthday party. 3m of cuddles. Didn’t like me picking him up but pretty docile overall.


Python of some sort? 3 metres…

Snake catcher was down our street on the weekend.


Yep. Carpet python.

My folks are visiting and dad reckons he saw a brown approx 5 or 6 feet long as well.

Small 1m python in the back porch today.

Killed 2 red bellied blacks last week.

Busy snake season aided by plenty of rain.


Are you allowed to kill snakes? It’s a big fine in Victoria. If it attacks you, fair enough.


Not 100% sure but they were next to the pool and I have 2 young boys so I don’t take chances with the bitey ones.


Where do you live ? Snake Valley ?


Seems like it at the moment.

Mating season for most species so they’re on the move.

Need to feed the kookaburras so they stick around the place and help keep the numbers down


Never feed them at the same time. Vary the time throughout the day and they will start to just hang around because they know the food will come. Great snake killers.


Yep. And vary the location so they spread out.

My biggest problem is the magpies are bolder and come in for the food before the kookas.


Taken in the gorge at South Morang. Location topical only due to discussion about snakes. Be warned, lol.


I prefer Lemon Morang myself.


When we lived in an area with many brown snakes, we found if you fed the Kookas that they didnt care about the snake. So we didnt feed any birds and both the Kookas and Magpies took care of snakes.

And if that failed, we had a cat that thought it was a tiger, and liked to bring in the snakes for us to see.

Snakes are totally protected all over Australia, so it is illegal to kill them. In fact, a Snakecatcher is not supposed to move them more than 500 metres from where they find them. When we lived in Kinglake, snakes had a really bad habit of throwing themselves at the spade.