Photos you‘ve taken


Komodo would be a drag on


Ah yes Komodo does Drag On!

New sleepless dad here, always been a little slow off the mark!



Oh congratulations and good luck. It’s a stressful and awesome time all bundled up into 1 little package.


Thanks mate,
My baby is the best photo subject. She is also now a baby bomber officially !
I love her very much despite the worrying, late nights sleepless moments and not being able to do what I used to do. At the end of the day, I have never experienced such deep love in my life as I have for my daughter. Proud Dad here : )


First ball of a regrettably short final day at the G.

Ishant to P. Cummins.


For camera buffs with a liking for guns. The Japanese way to shoot photos.


Moreton Island, 1 January 2019


It can help older people with unsteady hands - or anyone who needs it, I suppose. That’s a fairly heavy set-up, and it could get difficult to maintain tracking for some.


Some more from NYE/NYD Moreton Is., these from a Pentax K200







Generally I don’t use the panoramic feature, but this shot came out exceptionally well.