Pick 48


Sounds like he might be gone in the 20s with either WCE or Geelong.


Time to stock up on some talls -



A few interesting prospects that might fit some of our needs. From the BigFooty practice footy draft (so a few months back). Their “real” phantom draft started today.


13 is Mynott for Metro


I must say I suspect he will be gone but I probably wouldn’t pick Moore given the amount of guys under 180cms we currently have.


Darling is a jet by all reports but missed most of the year with a knee reco. He’s obviously a risk but some people I know in the TAC Cup rate him very highly. Ross from Eastern is also a solid player but then again, Eastern could have up to 8 draftees this year.


A late pick in what is said to be a pretty shallow draft?

Go for the boom or bust kid.


He he… Jordan Butts.

Does he have a brother called Seymour?


Give Jonty a crack


Yeah Jonty Scharenberg sounds like a type of player we need that could make it. A stoppage specialist who feeds the ball out via hand. Sounded like he fell into a common trap in his draft year last year thinking he will surely get drafted. By all reports, his kicking skills and largely his character was questioned…and therefore suprisingly went undrafted. But if he has truly knuckled down, grown up a bit, improved his kicking and rounded out his game a little then he could be a massive upside pick for us. Was at one stage last year rated a top 10 prospect, and most definitely in the top 30.


Highly unlikely that Taylor makes it to our first pick. Can’t see West Coast passing him up with their handful of 2nd rounders.


You’ve sold me on Day. Great vision and hands, with (at least) good athleticism and build. Plenty of upside there.

If both Kelly and Worpel are still around at 48, who do you take?


I’d take Worpel, he is as hard and courageous as they come and despite his kicking he would be more than serviceable, in the middle he projects as a much better player than say Rhys Mathieson


If you’re referring to Tim Kelly then I would take Kelly a skillful, creative, goal kicking mid who would be best 22 next year.


Likely Kelly will be gone with one of WC’s multiple picks in 20’s, article about it over last few days


I initially thought Kelly could go as high as pick 26 (WC) if WC thought Carlton would use pick 30 but I’m starting to think he could go much later. With Kelly’s partner expecting twin boys in January and likely needing family support to manage, it might discourage non WA clubs drafting him.


Give Jordan a crack.

Late gems: Mature Age Players Callum Twomey afl.com.au 8 November 2017 1:56 PM

West Australian midfielder Tim Kelly shapes as the first mature-age player to be picked at this year’s NAB AFL Draft after an impressive season at WAFL level.

The 23-year-old had a brilliant year for South Fremantle and finished second in the competition’s Sandover Medal to win an invitation to the NAB AFL Draft Combine.

A knee injury ruled him out of testing at the Combine at Etihad Stadium, but he remains in the mix as a top-30 pick on November 24.

West Coast has a bevy of second-round selections (No.21, 26, 32, 37) and has been linked to the local product, while Geelong is another club who could look at the 183cm prospect who kicked 26 goals from the midfield this season. The Cats hold three second-round picks (No.22, 24, 35).

Kelly first nominated for the draft in 2012 but enjoyed the best season of his career this year to place himself with a genuine shot at being listed by an AFL club.

Oskar Baker is another mature-ager who looms as a player to find an AFL home at the NAB AFL Draft.

The speedy midfielder from Queensland had an eye-catching season playing in the NEAFL, including a breakout four-goal and 20-disposal game against Southport.

He was interviewed by clubs throughout the season and many recruiters headed interstate specifically to watch him during the year.

Baker, 19, was overlooked at last year’s draft and isn’t tied to a northern club via an academy having been cut by the Brisbane Lions at the end of 2015.

Ben Paton and Brayden Ainsworth also failed to be drafted last year when eligible but have returned this season to be strong chances to find a home.

Both were named in the All Australian team after the NAB AFL Under-18 Championships, Paton as a defender after a dashing carnival and Ainsworth in the midfield after he averaged 24 disposals in the four games. They are considered most likely to fit into the later stages of the draft.


After following this thread with great interest for the past couple of weeks, l am left with one conclusion. There will still be some quality players around for our pick, and this draft may not be as shallow as all the pundits claim it to be. Jackets will have done his homework, and l am confident that he will not disappoint with his selection.


Beware of the fact that most people writing about draftees usually highlight good points. Just because people have some good things to say about late picks, doesn’t mean there is as much quality. Also, players play against their own draft class. Someone has to pick up the stats, get the goals. If the whole draft class is better or worse, then there will still be the same goals and disposals to spread around.

Part of the reason I think we should have been keeping a good eye on the unsuccessful 2016 draftees is it was a good draft class, and some gems might have slipped through as they simply didn’t look as good against a mutually good bunch.