Pick 48


Jonty Scharenberg


Anyone got any thoughts on Ethan Floyd? Looks a good mover who kicks it well.


Have we got him yet? I’m gerting nervous, we’re not gonna get him!!

watch roos pay overs for him!

fark carlton


Cassidy Parish vs WA for your viewing pleasure

Good size and moves decently.


Here was the vid. Highlights obviously


Nice left foot skils from Floyd…


Floyd is a purely outside prospect in a similar mould to Gaff. Great kid who runs his ■■■ off and a decent left foot kick. Can easily play as a HB aswell.

I have him rated in the 40s



If that was the type we were looking for he seems a decent option.

Some chance we’d be interested in that type you’d think.


He can kick. Thats important.


With no inside knowledge, I’d imagine that if Parrish is there at pick 48… we’d take him.

Doddoro takes a lot of consideration into knowing the family of recruits. It’s makes a lot of sense, plus Cassidy Parrish is the type of player we desperately lack.


that is a really beautiful kicking action on him


Everybody bagged the second crouch as a slow mid who can’t kick. Now look at him. Maybe Cassidy has been shanking a few extra to play with his brother too.


You reckon?
If he has been - which I would be flabbergasted to find out - then I wouldn’t want him.
You’re probably joking.


I was joking!



Chances of Clavarino sliding to pick 48?


He is every chance of being available but I can’t see us taking a key defender with young Fletcher on the way


I think we’ll take him in the rookie draft unless we hear some inside knowledge that another team is interested in him.


Worpel’s highlights look great. Would be stoked if we could nab him @ 48.


A little extra courtesy of the SANFL