Pick 48


Some names to check on the draft machine, these are players I’ve heard we like just not sure if we rate them at 48

Kyron Hayden
Aiden Domic
Tom De Koning
Matthew Day
Will Walker
Lloyd Meek
Dylan Moore
Trent Mynott
Jackson Ross
Brayden Ainsworth
Ryley Stoddart
Joel Garner
James Worpel
Cassidy Parish
Matthew Ling
Ed Richards

Ling, Moore, Worpel and Richards are very unlikely from what I’ve heard but the rest could be fair game


Kyron Hayden is an interesting one - go back a couple of years he was pretty dominant from all reports.

Had some injury troubles since with OP but we need one of his type the big bull inside mid with good athleticism.

How do wa watchers rate him?


Tom De Koning is seriously a victim of the general reluctance to draft ruckmen early in recent years. 10 years ago, would have been in top 20 calculations, I reckon. Did some impressive stuff this year.


So they say it’s a weak draft and we’ve got a list that long of blokes that may be available at 48.

It looks OK to me.


One more name and you would have an XV111.


Well we have to have a list…


The more I read about Worpel the more I want him, but would be happy with Cassidy Parish. Hamish Brayshaw would be well worth a look too.

I never thought I would say that I am genuinely excited with our possible selections considering how late they are going to be.


I normally find the late picks more interesting, that’s when you get the smokeys and oddball guys from weird country leagues!


We really have to
Look at this period as though we have added 3 best 22 players with our first two picks (+ a little) so if we can nab another Afl quality player at 48 it will be a great result.



And Lavender as a bonus for nothing


Lloyd Meek sounds like the sort of guy Russell Crowe found under the house in LA Confidential.

A real 1940-50s type of name.


Was talking to my old man about this during the week. If, and I know it’s a huge, gigantic, nigh impossible if, we draft someone like a Barlow who could come in as an inside mid and have an impact season 1. It would have to be considered one of the best off seasons ever for the club.


I endorse the family pick of Parish at 48, especially if there’s another brother who might also play in the pipeline. Its time we had another “Daniher” family at the club. And there’s no point letting a club like Brisbane get the emotional inside running on Darcy. And apparently Cassidy can play…


Totally agree, but add the “shallow draft beyond pick X…”, the potential ability to seriously address some of our pressing needs all at pick 48 is really positive. I remember when Dodoro got a major whipping on these boards and now he is seen as a god by many. It is pleasing to see so many have the faith that he will get us a pretty handy player at pick 48 (not discounting him adding the SSS’s from the trade period). Plus he already has form with this sort of pick by getting Fantasia and Houli it was not his fault we lost Bachar.


Whoever we’ll get we can be rest assured no one will have ever of heard of them and they’ll be a utility type with dodgy kicking but hopes they can move into a midfield role one day.




surprised they made it to our pick too.


Great film. Ethan Floyd not a bad one either. Meek and Floyd snitching and ratting out til the early morn


One of those rare films where the film is better than the book.


Would like us to get James Worpel if he’s still there at #48