Pick 48


I like the look of Tom North. Genuine inside mid that seems to have good clearance craft. Looks like he has ok speed, at least in bursts, and decent build already. Strange look to his kick/ball drop, but was clearly effective. Something about him reminded me a little of Sam Mitchell (not the dirty sniper part).


I actually really hope that that is what we try to do - find that mature age, mature body player who makes an impact from round 1.


Given supposed weak draft for kids.

I’m doubting any of the seemingly AFL quality state league players will be left by 48.

Kelly from WA whose getting big wraps being talked about as going in 20’s

If it’s an inside mid still there probably going to be having numbers no different to what Langford or Mutch at VFL level already are.

I reckon it’ll be a kid we see with upside, hopeful pick really. Maybe a skinny kpp. Who can tell though.

I hope we don’t take someone who is a ball winner with very poor foot skills again like Clarke.


Watch the highlights of kyron Hayden - for draft watchers where is he predicted to go?


Sound like they should be opening the batting for the west indies


Our boy Twombstone says he is a ‘smokey’ in his draft machine thingo. The highlights: ELECTRIFYING.


Looks a monster, has a don’t argue, quick reflexes, will it translate to AFL where there are a lot more monsters? Be good to have a Kyron either way, especially if there’s a Pacific Rim type emergency around Docklands next year.


Worpel is a bull but his disposal/decision-making and overall lack of composure are the obvious concerns. Love his size and attack on the ball though; it’ll be interesting to see who takes a punt on him.

I really like the look of Matthew Day. 189cm, 79kgs with clean hands, decent pace & evasiveness. Basketball background and just started concentrating on football this year, so could be a great upside pick that also fills a need.


I see this written heaps. Then I go and review the Worpel videos of all his involvements in various matches (see below for some examples, I’ve only watched a few) and I just don’t see it. To me he looks plenty composed, seems to consider options and his disposals tend to either hit a target, or at least be to his teammate’s advantage.

I keep expecting to see something that I’ve been missing, but haven’t yet. I’d be stunned if he made it to 48. I think Cassidy Parish has significant disposal and decision making concerns (that hopefully will be fixable long term), but I reckon Worpel’s are way overstated.


So I’ve now watched a bunch of 3 minute clips and now consider myself an expert.:wink:

I’d like Kyron Hayden at 48 and then Aiden Domic and then Jordon Butts with our main picks. Cassidy Parish should be available as a rookie pick, but if another club is sniffing around him, I would be happy if we took him with our last main draft pick.

But if we managed to get Hayden with 48 then I think we win. He is very quick off the mark and has a good side step. A lot to like.


Over at BF, our old friend foj1 chose Tom McCartin at 48 in the BF phantom draft

Pick 48 Essendon Tom McCartin 193cm 84kg Key Forward Geelong Falcons

Absolutely stoked to get big Tom here. I have him rated in my top 20 come draft night- draft cliche 101
Tom is a hard working high tall forward who has terrific endurance plus a passable burst of speed. Tom also has a very nice leap as well which compliments his endurance base.
At the combine Tom was a start performer who finished top 10 in the yo-yo run and also the running vertical leap.
Tom has terrific hands and can find space to lead into the forward 50.
Tom also enjoys hitting the pack hard and breaking a pack apart.
Defensive pressure is okay but can improve but he does put in the effort.
Tom is going to need to work on his goal kicking which is very inconsistent and turn head turning quarters into halves and then full games.
I am not concerned about this at all as Tom is born at the end of December which means he was born a couple of days later he would be draft ineligible.
Tom will complete year 12 next year and combine that with footy and he is not one who will make a big impact in 2018 but he could be a ripper by 2021.
Tom plays in a similar fashion to Nick Reiwoldt working up and down the ground and players of his size struggle to keep up.

Rationale for pick.
As DPS stated, I think this kid is way too good to be around still and he was always going to be taken here if available. As I stated I wouldn’t be surprised if he is taken late first round with Richmond being the team that I think will have a serious look at him.
Some people may say what about midfielders which is a valid point however Langford, Laverne, Mutch, Clarke and McGrath all need more opportunities to go into the midfield and Stringer and Smith should spend a bit of time in there as well. There are a couple of other players I really like but I am not sure they will be available next pick. Very, very happy with this selection. Thanks DPS for taking the pick for me.

2017 Official Big Footy Phantom Draft


Cassidy Parish’s disposal looks atrocious. And that is a rarely-fixed issue.


A 193cm KPF that’s available at pick 48? No thanks.


Why not?

Here’s an article on him for interest.

Not sure he’s the type of tall I’d be looking at, but if we rated him highly then I’d be OK with it.


He won’t make it to our pick in the real thing anyway


Because 193cm is barely KP height these days and it’s hard enough to find quality KPF’s with top 20 picks, if he actually made it to pick 48 (which THE_DON1 has indicated he won’t) in this draft then his talent is hardly outstanding.


That’s a real interesting argument.

Does that apply to everyone who’s there at 48? Or just a tall.


And whatever happened to “plays tall”? Seriously though, quick search has Fyfe, Pavlich and Danger all shorter. Fyfe and Danger will be serious forwards for their respective teams next year. The future is flexibility, don’t know anything about this kid but 193 isn’t midgetitis. I’d imagine any kid that height is looking at players like those and working on lots of strings to the bow


Just tall forwards to be specific.


I would have thought the opposite were true.
Clubs aren’t keen on drafting talls early. Especially really short-sighted clubs, because they’ll take longer.
So…wouldn’t the argument be ‘don’t want a #48 mid in this draft?’

Just a thought.